Bobby Byrd trip report

Would the lure of the big city attract big linemen? Perhaps there's no connection, but for Bobby Byrd, a 6-7, 290-pound lineman from Oceanside, California, it's an inevitable comparison. He's had two official visits so far, one to Washington State two weeks ago and one to Seattle to visit Washington this past weekend. So what did Byrd have to say about the two?

"The one thing is that you got to see the best of both schools," Byrd told Monday night. "Washington definitely is a bigger-town atmosphere, and Washington State has that smaller-town crowd. I liked both of my trips very much."

Bobby has an official trip set up for Oregon this coming weekend and then Arizona sometime down the road, although a date for that visit hasn't been set up yet. His current offers are from Washington, Washington State, Arizona, San Diego State and Kansas.

Byrd gave us the quick low-down on his visit to Washington this past weekend. "I had a real good time," he said. "It was a great game. We rushed to the game, got a chance to see the team warm up on the sidelines and then watch the game from the stands. Then we got to see the team after the win. They were pretty pumped up. Then there was a little down time and then we went out for dinner with Coach (Brent) Myers and Coach (Rick) Neuheisel. Then on Sunday I took a tour of the campus and all of the facilities."

Robin Kezirian was Bobby's host for the trip, and it was a good match. "We just hung out with the guys Saturday night and then on Sunday I was able to ask him a lot of questions," Byrd said. He already knew how important it was to get a player's feel for things. "Well, the coaches there are really straightforward, but it's different and important to get the players' point of view. That way you know how it's going to be if you go there. I just asked him how the coaches are and how hard of a transition is it from high school to college. He said that there's definitely some culture shock at first, but he also said that Coach Myers and the Strength Coach, Pete (Kaligis) are just great and really help out a lot."

Bobby also called Rick Neuheisel 'real cool, laid back'. "He talked to us before we left," he said of Neuheisel's conversation with Byrd and Arizona lineman Mike Pollak. "He told us that he showed us everything that Washington has to offer and that we have scholarship offers to play there if we want to take them."

So what did Byrd tell the Husky head man? "Well, I told him that Washington is really in my mind right now. Definitely."

Bobby rated the visit accordingly. "It was a high 9, low 10," he said. "It was a really good trip."

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