Player Quotes - Oregon State

It was a tough night all around for the Dawgs in Corvalis last night. Their leader went down with a scary injury before coming back to help inspire the team, but it wasn't enough as they fell to Oregon State 29-23. Read the thoughts of two seniors who, unfortunately, will never see a bowl game as a Husky.

Washington QB Carl Bonnell

On Jake Locker: "At first I didn't think it was too bad. He's a tough kid and he's always making plays like that and trying to get the first down. I heard a big hit and he was slow to get up so I just grabbed a ball and started to get ready, but then after a few minutes and he was still down I think the whole entire team stops. We know how violent this game can be and the possibilities are out there so we're just thankful he was walking around and he'll be ok.

On what Locker said to the team: "This is the kind of guy he is, he said he was sorry. He felt like he let this team down. He's got the best character you can think of. The most unselfish guy who's out there fighting, just like you saw, for every yard and he's down, I think we're all a little bit down, but I think we're all praying for a quick recovery."

On what Locker means to the team: "He stepped in where Isaiah (Stanback) stepped out last year. He's young, he just goes out there and he's got a great personality. The guys just love him. There were some tears in our o-linemen's eyes when he went out. I talked with Juan (Garcia) and he was saying that the guys were little bit down so we just tried to get them up and get them focused on what's at hand."

On his big plays: "The defense gave us the opportunity to get some drives there in the fourth quarter. The plays just happened. You don't plan them up like they went all the time, but Cody Ellis made a great play and we had a little bit of trickery with (Anthony) Russo's touchdown so we just started connecting, which we didn't do much of that in the first three quarters which the yardage showed."

On the fourth-down play: "We called a basic play that works 99-percent of the time. The defense just changed their coverage up a little bit. It was just a basic out route to Russo, but the corner went off his man which was weird because he had been running with the outside receiver all game long and he took him too but it's just something that they called the right play at the right time."

On his comfort level: "I was comfortable. I don't think I was in rhythm at first. I threw a couple of bad balls and there were some things that I didn't see that I thought I should be seeing, but it got towards the end and I felt confident. I thought we were going to go down there and score and come back and win the game and have a bowl shot."

Washington DT Jordan Reffett

On the mood of the team after the game: "It's heartbreaking. Being on this team for a long time and not having a chance to go to a bowl game and I tell you what, in that locker room, it was a solemn, solemn day today. We left some things out on that field today and we had a chance to win."

On talking to Jake: "I talked to Jake when I saw him back on the field. I tell you what, that guy is an inspiration to me I don't care how old he is. One of the most inspirational, toughest, best football players and nicest guys I've been around and I tell you what, he inspired the guys on this football team by coming back out there after what happened."

On the :chippiness" of the game: "There was a lot of chatter. You expect that from Oregon State because that's the type of football team they are. I don't think we handled ourselves in a disrespectful manner or unsportsmanlike manner, but I think we handled ourselves really well with the chatter they were giving us, but we were just trying to get our hats on number 26." Top Stories