Moss to pull trigger today spoke this morning with Greg Gibson, Head Coach for Orange High School in Orange, California, and Gibson confirmed an earlier report that one of his players, running back Durrell Moss, is going to commit to Coach Rick Neuheisel and the Washington Huskies later today.

"Our practices have been running late, so Durrell told me he's in the process of contacting Coach Neuheisel. We've been playing phone tag. Durrell's plan is that he has decided to attend the University of Washington."

Gibson has only been Head Coach at Orange for two years now, but has seen a complete transformation in Moss. "I was a coach in Long Beach for seven years (Wilson and Jordan High School), so I know what Division-1 talent is. When I came here, the program was just run-down. I only had one kid with D-1 talent - Durrell. He's a special kid."

Durrell may have been a junior when Gibson showed up on campus, but Moss was nowhere near where he should have been, according to his Head Coach. "When I got here, Durrell was 155 pounds," Gibson said. "Now he's 185. And at 6-1, when he redshirts next year he'll have a proper weight training program and proper nutrition for the first time in his life. Like I told Coach (Brent) Myers and Coach Neuheisel, he'll be 210 pounds as a redshirt freshman. And he's got 4.4 speed.

"He has unbelievable upside and is just starting to scratch the surface. He may have been a junior when I showed up, but in reality he was just a freshman in terms of knowing how to play football. I don't know what they were teaching him before, but he wasn't being coached. But now? It's almost like he's two different human beings."

And the transformation didn't just happen on the gridiron either. It also happened in the classroom. "When I first looked at Durrell's transcripts, they were a mess," Gibson said. "We sat down and had a long talk. We've had a lot of long talks. I just told him what was needed - summer school and all the rest - and he turned everything around. When coaches come in and look at his transcript now, they are shocked. To me, I just gave him the direction. Once he knew what he had to do, it was done."

Gibson mentioned a couple of players that have gone on to the next level that have been through the same path Moss has. "In Long Beach I coached a lot of talented kids," he said. "Terry Charles was in an almost identical situation Durrell was in. Portland State called thinking he had already gone somewhere else but said, 'Hey Coach, we love number 2.' That was his number. And now he's playing for the San Diego Chargers. There's another player who had Pac-10 talent, but it took a couple of years at JC before it kicked in. His name was Njrell Eason. I told him, 'If you ever get serious about wanting to play at the next level, let me know,' and one day it just kicked in. He ended up going to Long Beach (CC) and then started for Arizona State (at CB) for two years. I don't know what happened to him in the pros, but he was with Pittsburgh."

So why does Gibson feel Washington and Moss are a good fit for each other? "Well, I think mostly it's the kind of offense they run," he said. "They don't need a 230-240-pound running back like Anthony Thomas. They can put him in the slot, spead him out like a receiver. He can really catch the ball. They can use him in one-back sets. He's fast and tough. In fact, sometimes when we're watching film I have to tell him that instead of trying to run guys over he could do a little juke or shake and it's a touchdown. But right now he's just so much faster and has more ability than everyone else out there. He can just do things the other kids can't. And when he's going for a touchdown or making a great move I don't sit there and say, 'That's my coaching,' because it isn't. That's just him."

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