Player Quotes - Cal

The Washington offense had a great day at Husky Stadium on Saturday as the rolled up over 400 yards of offense - led by RB Louis Rankin's 224 yards -- and they were all smiles after getting their second Pac 10 win of the season. Read on to get the thoughts of some of the offensive players following their 37-23 win over Cal.

RB Louis Rankin

On his big day: "The line, they pretty much made it easy for me and Brandon (Johnson) it was basically a big day for the offense and the defense. I think that first run let me know that mentally we could have a bid day offensively against these guys. I'm a little banged up but I'll be ready to go for the Apple Cup."

On joining the big names in Husky history in the record books: "It's definitely an honor. I definitely don't compare myself to those guys, but it's an honor to have my name in the record books with them."

On his change in style at mid-season: "I got a little bit tired, because I thought there were more yards out there for me to get and I felt like I wasn't getting it done. I thought (the line) was doing their job, but I wasn't contributing like I could so I took on the mindset that I was going to need to run harder and break a few more tackles to get things done."

On the Apple Cup: "I can't wait. This really is the game that you decide to be a Husky for, it's the Apple Cup. All the games you play, they all lead up to this game. It doesn't really matter what their record is, or ours, because it's going to be a really great game next week."

On showing what this team is capable of: "I think we've shown every week what this team's capable of. We've had some bad breaks in the fourth quarter and sometimes in the third quarter we've let up, but we finished it up tonight and that's definitely something we can do every night.

RB Brandon Johnson

On Rankin getting his 1,000 yards: "I'm real happy that Louis got his 1,000 yards today. All week I told him that he was going to get his yards and I didn't really worry about myself or my stats at all and the results were good."

On who will start at running back next week: "I think Louis will be okay. He's fine. He was walking around the locker room, laughing and joking so he's going to be fine, but when my number's called, I'll go out there and do the best I can."

On Rankin giving him pointers: "When I would come off he would come over to me and telling me to not try to do too much and just hit the hole and go and that's what I did. Sometimes when I was trying to make too many cuts he was telling me on where to look and stuff like that."

OT Chad Macklin

On the experience along the offensive line: "It's great because we have a lot of guys with experience now and we have guys who can step in when we need them to without having a drop off and we all know each other and trust each other and we're all getting used to playing with each other. We're a really well-meshed line this year."

On Jake Locker being out: "He makes a lot of plays. Everybody knows that and he's a playmaker back there. Carl's come in last week and this week and we knew as an offensive line that we were going to have to step it up a notch even more than we usually do."

On Rankin's big day: "Rankin did great. He went out there and did what he does – he ran hard and made people miss and he gets downfield."

C Juan Garcia

On getting Rankin his 1,000 yards: "I didn't even know we were close until about two weeks ago when they told us we might have two with over 1,000 yards and then after last week we were like ‘since we're not going to a bowl game that is what we're shooting for' to get Louis over 1,000."

On these final three weeks setting the tone for next week: "I've been saying that the O-line is physical and all year we've been physical. Sometimes they will scheme us and we don't execute right, but overall we're just physical right now and with all those guys except Chad coming back we're in good shape for next year."

On keeping the players focused even without the possibility of a bowl game: "It was a little hard at the beginning of the week. Coach (Mike) Denbrock brought us in their individually on Monday and said that now that we don't have a bowl game to shoot for that I had to do a better job of motivating the guys so on Tuesday we had a great practice and on Wednesday it was just so-so, so when Thursday came I said ‘you guys, we took Wednesday off so we had better go like our hair's on fire' and we went out and had the best practice we've had all year and not having that bowl game there and we're still practicing hard, I knew we had something left."

QB Carl Bonnell

On the running game taking the pressure off: "When you see the holes being opened and the line getting their push up front it takes a lot of pressure off you to manage the game."

On what Locker said to him during the game: "The same stuff. He was watching some of the defenses on our running plays – if they were in zone or in man or if they were creeping a guy up close – and just getting me prepared for the passing game and when we got into it."

On his game today: "I felt great. I know I didn't have the best game, but that's one of the great things about being a quarterback – when the backs are running hard, the line is blocking well and the defense is playing well you don't really have to do a lot, just don't give the other team the ball and we had no turnovers today. That's what we had to do to win and that's what we got done." Top Stories