Ripping up the competition

Anthony Russo is a 5-11, 185-pound athlete from Lakewood (Wash.) Lakes, and the Lancers have been playing some inspired football lately. They just took care of Chehalis (WF West) 49-13 and Russo had a beautiful touchdown on a swing pass that left a couple of West players sitting on their socks. It's all just part of the job for Anthony.

"We're just coming out, making sure we don't take anybody lightly," Russo told "We play hard every play. I knew from the first week of practice that we had a good team and we play as a team, so I knew we were going to come out and play well."

Anthony has scored 14 touchdowns in 5 games splitting time with Akeem Anthony, yet isn't impressed. "I think I'm playing pretty well, but I can do better," he said. "I'm just trying to score for the team, help my team out." He's also playing safety for the Lancers, but prefers offense.

Like all good running backs, Russo is quick to praise the guys up front. "He's doing great, making holes and plugging them up on defense," he said of senior lineman Viliamu Kuaea. "Some of the times the defenses can't see me when I'm running behind him. I just run behind him and he makes the holes."

Anthony also gave us a quick recruiting update. "The school that's contacting me the most is U-Dub," he said. "Pretty much all of the Pac-10 schools except for UCLA have been calling me. And Nevada too." Idaho and Montana remain Anthony's only offers, but the Huskies really seem to be picking things up. "Randy Hart calls me most of the time, but (Rick) Neuheisel has called me a couple of times too. He's a real exciting guy. He likes to joke around. I like that. He's funny. Coach Hart is about the same way. He likes to talk a lot too."

Russo will wait until Lakes is done with football before any official visits are taken. "It's kind of hard to do with football season still going," he said. And the way the Lancers are playing, that could be a while.

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