Bomar stepping up

Tahj Bomar is a 6-2, 210-pound linebacker from Kent (Wash.) Kentwood, and while he has already verbally committed to the University of Washington that doesn't mean Tahj is resting easy. He has a state 4A championship to defend, and listening to him talk it's of the utmost importance to him.

"I'm not tired," Bomar told "We had a tough practice today, but I'm kind of pumped up from watching our championship game from last year. The team we play this weekend, Sumner, plays defense like Pasco, but not as good. I thought I would watch it, and I'm pumped up!"

It would be understandable for the Conquerors to suffer a bit of a letdown this season after losing key players like Carl Bonnell and Kevin Jones, but the fighter in Bomar is not going to allow this Kentwood team to go down without them battling tooth and nail every game. "I'm still lifting weights and practicing hard, getting everyone into a playoff mode," he said. "I'm trying to get everyone to step up their game and play as a unit. I think we came a little closer to that last weekend, especially on defense. We didn't give up too many big passing plays."

And with any competitor, Tahj feels that it's not just those around him that need to step up. If anything, he harder on himself. "I think I'm playing pretty good, but I don't think I'm playing to my utmost," said Bomar. "I'm making tackles and playing hard, but I'm not making big plays like I did the first week. Kentridge went at me, but the other schools haven't really been doing that. I just want to be a little more dominant."

The Washington coaches have been keeping in constant contact with Tahj. "They've been talking to me every week and they're saying that they'll talk in December, get the visit in," he said. "Just continue to keep doing good and keep getting the classroom work in, stuff like that."

There's only one school that has called since Bomar's verbal commitment back in July. "California might call every once in a while, but they haven't called in about three weeks," he said. "In fact, they were the only school to still call after I committed to Washington."

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