Basler talks about record

Todd Basler is a 6-2, 220-pound running back prospect from Elma, Washington and Basler finished with 216 yards on 13 carries and four touchdowns as the Eagles rolled to an unprecedented 91-0 whitewashing of Tenino. It's unprecedented because the 91-point differential looks to be the highest recorded in WIAA history when it comes to 11-man football. Basler downplayed Elma's effort.

"They are a better team than that," Todd told about the Tenino Beavers. "From our standpoint, we had a good game." Through 4 games, Basler has run for 825 yards and 12 touchdowns. Those are great numbers for any running back, but when you've already gone for over 2250 yards as a junior there's an expectation Todd can do better. He believes it too. "I had a couple of games where I could have improved, but I'm doing good so far."

Recruiting attention has been steady for Todd. "I've been talking to mostly Pac-10 schools," he said. "Washington, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State and Arizona State."

Who calls for the Huskies? "Coach (Randy) Hart," he said. "We just visit and chat. I sent him some game film so he could watch that, but I haven't heard back from him. I wasn't around when he called back." His only current offer is still Stanford.

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