Trew looking to get healthy

Kyle Trew is a 6-2, 215-pound running back / linebacker prospect from Edmonds (Wash.) Edmonds-Woodway, and Trew has been battling a hamstring injury his entire senior season. But apparently all it took was one trip to the chiropractor and it's thumbs up this weekend as the Warriors take on Mountlake Terrace.

"It's coming along," Trew told about his hamstring. "We've pinpointed the problem and we're just working on it. I went to a chiropractor and found out my hips are out of alignment, so that's what threw the hamstring. It's been feeling a lot better the last couple of days after seeing the chiropractor, so hopefully that was the problem and everything is fixed. I'm practicing right now and if everything goes well I could play Friday."

The Wesco 4A is a brutal conference this year, and Trew was hoping to see some stellar performances, but has been a bit disappointed. "The only guy I was hoping to see that I thought would stand out was Derrick Bradley, but he got hurt in our game," Kyle said. "I was kind of disappointed in Craig (Chambers) and his work against us, but their QB (Jason Morris) is a good athlete and he impressed me a lot. I think there's a lot more Craig can do than what he's showing right now. And the receiver for Kamiak, Whitney Wilson. He's a good athlete. He impressed me quite a bit."

For himself, there hasn't been much to root for to this point. "I've only played in two halves so far," he said. "I thought the times that I played, I played well, but I'm frustrated because I haven't been able to play that much."

On the recruiting front, it's the usual suspects for Trew. "Washington is contacting me regularly," he said. "Washington State just called a little while ago. Oregon and Oregon State have called a couple of times. Eastern (Washington). Arizona called, but that was a while ago." Washington and Washington State are still his only offers and he'll officially be visiting Washington the weekend of December 14th. "That's the only official visit I have set up yet."

Trew and teammate Casey Tyler, another Husky target, are planning on checking out the Oregon-Washington game. "I think we're just going to drive down and watch the game," he said.

Is a commitment imminent? "I think I'm going to worry about that stuff after the season is over, after the playoffs and stuff if we make it," Kyle said. "I'm just not that worried about that kind of stuff right now. I'm just trying to get better."

He may not be looking to commit any time soon, but he does have a leader. "I'm leaning a little bit toward Washington."

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