Player Quotes - Hawaii

In a season of near misses, the Huskies fittingly gave up a 21-point lead with :44 seconds left on the clock and lost to Hawaii on the road 35-28 to finish yet another season below .500. For many players last night's game was their last as a collegian and they spoke about that along with their impressions of the season and where the program is headed.

QB Carl Bonnell

On his last game: "Football is the last thing on my mind right now. It's really on the relationship I had with all these guys like Jake (Locker) and the other seniors and my heart just goes to them and what we've done and how we've battled together and all that stuff."

QB Jake Locker

On his general thoughts on the game: "It was a tough game. It wasn't really that last play that it came down to. We didn't score in the second half and our defense gave us some opportunities and we didn't take advantage of it. They loaded the box a little more in the second half to stop our run and they were pretty efficient at doing that."

On head coach Tyrone Willingham's future: "We're all behind coach. We love what he's doing here. We have a lot of respect for him. There's not a game that we played this year that we didn't play hard for each other and for him and the coaches. We're a team so every time we step that field we're playing for everybody that's a part of this team."

On how far away this team is from being successful: "Just one or two plays a game really. If you look at the game tonight there were one or two plays that if we make them or stop them it swings the game in our favor instead of losing a game like this. I think all we can do this offseason is work hard and do our best to better ourselves doing our seven-on-seven stuff and all of that to get better."

On when he will pick up a football again: "I'll probably take a week to let my rest a little bit. I'm looking to change this thing and turn it around so I'm going to do everything in my power to do that."

On Hawaii and how they'd do in a BCS conference: "They're a good football team. They have a really explosive offense and I thought their defense played really hard. It's hard to tell how they'd do because they've only played us and it's only one team and it's like every other Saturday where anything can happen."

DT Wilson Afoa

On his last game: "It was really great to be back home, it's just unfortunate that we didn't win the game, but I'm just glad to be home."

On playing against some friends: "My best friend is Jason Rivers and couple of the other St. Louis boys and I have stayed close so it was fun to be out there playing with those guys and facing off."

On getting pressure on Colt Brennan: "We all gave a great effort and had a good pass rush, but things just didn't go our way tonight. We got pressure with different packages, but it just wasn't enough."

CB Roy Lewis

His general thoughts: "I just believe so much in this team and I don't think anyone's given up on this team and until everyone just decides ‘hey, we've had enough' and start going out there knowing like we know how to play it won't change in wins and losses. That's what it all comes down to. Hopefully, as seniors we played hard all season and really set the tone for the younger guys. They have to come in and work hard this offseason and in order for this program to rise to the top like I know it can, they just need to come in and work hard to get it to where they want it to go."

On coach Willingham's effect on the program: "If you take a look at where it was when he came in and took it over, coaches can do all they can, but it's the players that go out and play the games and when you start with the coaches and look at the trickle down effect that they had on the players and the mindset and the place that coach Willingham has taken this program it's a total 180."

On the coaching change rumors: "We can't help but hear that stuff, but we just let that stuff roll off because the coaches can give us the right schemes and the right plans and call the right plays, but it's up to the players to really go out there and execute them and like I said before, knowing where this team was when they got here it's totally different around here now and that's the effect they had on us over the past three years."

RB Louis Rankin

On the mentality of the team with :12 left: "After they hit that play I felt we were going to win the game and I was thinking about the two-point play we were going to run to win the game. We had a play designed and knew what we wanted to do, but you know what happened."

On his Draft status: "I think it's gone up with the way I've finished the season. People have said I'm inconsistent and I think I went out this year and showed I'm not consistent and so I think it's gone up."

WR Marcel Reece

On the game: "It was a real physical game. We have guys on our team who are headhunters, like our linebackers and our D-line and they were really hitting those guys and there was a lot of hitting going on out there, but that's why you play these physical games."

On the final play of the game: "I'm always waiting for them to call my number and they called it and I just felt like the ball hit my hands and it got pulled away and then I guess someone said it got kicked up in the air and the safety got it so, it's frustrating, but it's just how things went for us this year unfortunately." Top Stories