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Yesterday a decision was made about the future of the football program at the University of Washington. No matter how much folks would like to make it seem like it should've been a cut-and-dried decision, it was not that simple.

It was a difficult decision, but now that it's been made, it's time to start looking forward.

Tyrone Willingham will return for year four of his stint at Washington. And I, for one, am extremely relieved that all of the wild speculation finally came to an end. The message boards on this site have been entertaining, but not necessarily fun, because as emotions climbed, so did personal attacks.

So now it is time for the fan base, the boosters, and alumni to try and move on, accept that this is where we are, and refocus.

We are talking about an extremely fractured and polarized fan base right now that is in need of some repair. I have no doubt that winning would go a long ways in curing that. So if Tyrone can win and win big in year four, the fan base will most definitely pull back together.

The school made their decision yesterday that they feel Willingham can get the job done. Whether you agree with that or not is another topic for debate, but the fact is that our school has named their head coach, and the AD and school President both are supporting him.

While winning a lot of games in 2008 would help a great deal, there is more that can be done to heal this division in the meantime. I'm not asking anyone to blindly ravish praise on Tyrone Willingham hypocritically if you don't agree that he should be the coach, but try not to let that cloud your view of the bigger picture. It might be a good idea to support the HUSKIES, they need you.

I'm not talking blind optimism here, I'm talking genuine enthusiasm and thanks to the 85 plus players that will be out there representing our great university. It's time to come together and focus on that. It is a much better use of resources than fretting about what could've been ,what should've been, if this, if that, etc. . .

The message boards have been very difficult to stomach during the past four to six weeks. Hopefully yesterday's announcement will put some of that out of its misery and allow the boards to return to some sense of normalcy. What I mean by this is that hopefully the personal attacks against those that disagree with each other will drop to a dull roar and become more civil. No more calling people "idiots" or "morons" because they disagree with you, and no making those that wanted Willingham gone "eat crow". It does no one any good.

It is fine to have dissenting opinions, in fact we encourage that at dawgman.com, we always have. However, if those discussions can remain non-personal and not denigrate into something where people feel compelled to choose sides or get personal, that would be my biggest wish. Emotions are strong, and they are still undoubtedly somewhat frayed right now. Keep that in mind when posting.

Let's get past this and show the team that they have a solid fan base that is proud of them. Proud that they chose to go to our school and represent us, no matter who the coach is – they are HUSKIES.

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