Washington Player Quotes: Post USC

It was an extremely depressed Washington Husky team that came out for post-game interviews in the bowels of the Los Angeles Coliseum following the 41-21 loss to the USC Trojans.

If ever there was a Husky team that had their backs to the wall, this one is it. With a road game at ASU looming on Saturday, times are as tough as they've been at Washington in quite some time.

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  • WR Paul Arnold: "It was just one of those games. We've been in some like that that went our way, so nobody is panicking. Nobody is down. It's definitely tough to lose like that. You look back and wonder if you could've done this, or that, but now we are just looking ahead to playing Arizona State. Nobody is panicking."

    "They didn't do anything we didn't expect, it was just that they got the momentum rolling and once they started clicking they were hard to stop. They got really hot and we were just playing at the same level."

    "I don't know the problems. If we had the answers, we wouldn't be losing, so we're going to get together and hopefully we won't have this problem anymore."

    LB Ben Mahdavi: "Oregon lost today. A lot of teams are going to lose in the Pac-10. We made things more difficult on ourselves but our goal is still the Rose Bowl. Early in the fourth quarter we were looking like a real good team. We started clicking but unfortunately we weren't able to convert on offense and defensively when it counted. I feel like we are a good team and we just have to come together for our last five games."

    "You are always angry when you lose or give up big plays. You have eleven on defense against the run and the pass. It's on everyone, but we have to stop the big plays. There are too many of them against us. We're a good run defense but it wasn't enough."

    "Carson Palmer is a good quarterback and he leads a very good team."

    "Coach Neuheisel after the game in the locker room told us that we have to step it up. He gave us a speech about taking responsibility for your mistakes and that it's on all of our shoulders, coaches included. This is the toughest league in the nation, top to bottom. We have to pull out some wins now."

    QB Cody Pickett: "We didn't play very good today. We just got outplayed by a good defense. USC is very good. That's all there is to say, really. They outplayed us."

    "I felt fine throughout the whole game. There were just some things that we didn't connect on."

    "On the throw to Pat (Reddick), they didn't have anyone covering him. We kind of made eye contact and he looked away just as I was throwing it to him. It was just a mix up, and we have to get that fixed. It was my fault though, I shouldn't have thrown it."

    S Greg Carothers: "I don't think we were worried about the run. We were worried about them playing short ball and controlling the clock and then they came out and put some big ones on us. On the first touchdown pass Sam (Cunningham) got a little mixed up in what he was supposed to do. He was supposed to be in man coverage with no help, but I guess there was some miscommunication. We weren't getting the calls real fast in the huddle, so we need to work on staying in the huddle and make sure that we're getting all of the calls. I don't think they're coming in too slow though. It ‘s tough."

    "I've been around the program long enough that when a younger guy is on my side, I should give him some extra help. On the touchdown when it looked like Nate and I were chasing, that's not really his fault. He does need to be on top but I need to help him out more in those situations."

    DL Terry Johnson: "The game plan was to get into the backfield and stop the run. That's our number one job, and to get to the passer. We did a lot of zone blitzes where I was containing and running to the outside. I don't know, I think I was taken out of the play too much."

    "I would rather be able to just get up field and make the tackles. I get sick of running all kinds of player calls and being a decoy. It's frustrating."

    WR Reggie Williams: "I think we'll be able to pull out of it. We came here to fight, and dawgs never quit. We'll play our hearts out for the rest of the Pac-10. I don't really know what's going on right now. They made some big plays and we were playing catch up."

    "I don't know why I wasn't getting the ball for awhile. But that's just how I play, to get open. I want the ball all of the time. But if I'm not open then someone else should be getting it. They weren't doing anything different or anything."

    "You just have to go out there an execute. You have to execute faster, to be more urgent about it now. When you get down by two touchdowns you have to pass almost every down."

    Braxton Cleman: "Unfortunately we didn't come out with the win. I found out yesterday that I was starting and I tried to come out and give the best that I could now that I'm 100% healthy."

    "USC is a great group of guys, probably the best group we've played against. Their linebackers fly around and their line is solid. That is why they come to USC, they are tough guys."

    "We don't like losing. When I heard that we wound up with negative rushing yards, I take that very personal. I know that we'll get that turned around and improve. I'm sure we're going to get this thing rolling. I was surprised that Rich (Alexis) didn't play. We need him out there, he's a great athlete, but Chris Singleton did a good job with the reps that he got. He got some tough yards down there at the goal line. Both of them have bright futures here at the UW."

    Keith Gilbertson: "That's not my decision, ask the head coach," in response to why Rich Alexis didn't play. "Rick controls that. Those kind of personnel calls aren't mine."

    The USC players and coaches after the game commented that there didn't appear to be any problems with the UW line and felt that the UW tailbacks were OK. Gilbertson, clearly frustrated, replied, "Maybe they should come and coach us. We're struggling running the ball, clearly. That is not a secret. Our kids try hard and compete and don't give up. We are clearly looking for answers."

    "I don't know about the other people in this league. I know about us and we are struggling running the ball. Our issues are our issues and we have to find some way to move the ball on the ground and take some load off of the passing game."

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