Trip Report: Vince Taylor

SEATTLE - Vince Taylor has no time to rest. The 6-foot-3, 208-pound athlete from Eastside Catholic High School in Bellevue, Wash. wanted to try and get a few winks in after his official visit to Washington, but he had to drive down to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer offices to take part in a photo shoot for their All-State team.

So is Vince getting honored for his work on offense or defense?

"I have no clue," he said with a laugh.

Husky Nation is wondering the same thing.

"Well, on my visit I got an offensive package and a defensive package," Taylor told Sunday.

So it could be both? Could Vince Taylor end up being Washington's answer to Charles Woodson?

"He's one of my favorite players," Taylor said.

He talked a lot with both receivers coach Charlie Baggett, as well as secondary coach J.D. Williams on his visit. But it was his visit with Head Coach Tyrone Willingham that really got to Taylor.

"It felt like 15 minutes, but we were in there for two hours," he said of his meeting with Willingham. "I'm not a big talker. I really enjoyed talking to him. He just talked about different stories and how school is going. He wants me to read at least four books a year."

And whatever position Taylor eventually plays for the Huskies - he won't be asked to gain a lot of weight to do it. "He (Willingham) doesn't want me to get any bigger, just stronger," Taylor said.

Taylor committed to the Huskies back in late April over offers from most all of the Pac-10, save USC and Stanford. "I have a cousin that plays at Alabama that wants me to come down and play, but that's too far away from home," Taylor said.

Taylor's host was Brandon Yakaboski, and he also had praise for current freshman safety Quinton Richardson. "I like him (Richardson)," Taylor said. "I look up to him, even though he was from a big rival school.

"Most of the time I hung out with my friend Justin Glenn. They had a couple of guys from California there, and Jordan Polk came from Oregon. So we had a lot of fun. Even (David) DeCastro was there, so it was a lot of fun. We have a real strong recruiting class coming."

Taylor has an in with the impressive lineman from Bellevue High School. "My Mom was his fourth-grade teacher," he said of DeCastro. "So my Mom has been playing recruiter too. It's nice to have some help in that area.

"I think he really wants to go. He's a real good guy."

So with all that happened on his visit, Taylor admitted that it's something he experienced outside of campus that he'll remembmer most.

"The beds at the Westin Inn," he said with a big laugh. "They said the beds were going to be nice, but I didn't believe them. But they were really nice."

Apparently the beds were so good, Taylor actually woke up at midnight and switched between the beds in his room, so he would get the 'full effect' of both.

One bed was for offense, and the other was for defense. Top Stories