Trip Report: Luther Leonard

The Huskies had a plethora of players on campus this past weekend, but none are more fun-loving and gregarious than Evergreen QB Luther Leonard. The athletic and talented signal-caller from Burien, Wa. took his official visit to Montlake this past weekend and he talked about re-affirming his commitment to the Dawgs and what stuck out to him about his visit.

"I've already been up there quite a bit," Leonard told on Sunday afternoon. "I didn't really see anything new, but they fed us well -- I think I gained like 10 pounds -- and I loved going to the Fox Sports Grill downtown.

"The highlight for me was talking to the guys who will be my receivers in this class. Guys like Cody Bruns and Jordan Polk were cool and I liked my host Ronnie Fouch. It was just real cool hanging out with all of the recruits and most of the players and just getting comfortable with the guys I will be spending a lot of time with."

Leonard took both of his parents with him on his visit and the three of them sat down with head coach Tyrone Willingham on Saturday.

"Oh yeah, that was pretty big for me and for us," Leonard said. "It was really nice to just sit down with him and talk about the direction of the program, what his goals are and what mine are and what we need to get done next year.

"I'm really excited about the future and what this team has going to for it. I think this class is going to come in and make a big difference."

Leonard said he will remain in contact with players like Kavario Middleton and Jermaine Kearse, along with Bruns and Polk as he gets ready to throw during the offseason.

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