Trip Report: Jordan Polk

SEATTLE - Portland-area wide receiver Jordan Polk has always ruled the roost when it comes to being the fastest guy on the football field, racking up scads of catches and buckets of YAC (yards after the catch) - but at the next level he's going to be just another all-star trying to make it in the big city.

The 5-foot-8, 165-pound Polk took his official visit to Washington this weekend, and got some sage advice from those not much older than him.

"I put on some pounds eating all that food," Polk laughed when telling Sunday about his official visit to UW. "It went really good."

Freshman cornerback Vonzell McDowell was Polk's host, and the former Rainier Beach star has been in Polk's shoes before; the diminutive 'Big Man on Campus' who ending up having to learn some tough lessons during his first year of football, FBS-style.

"He said to come in and work hard," Polk said of McDowell's advice to the senior from Lincoln High. "If you come in with the mentality that you're confident in what you're doing and you work hard, you'll get a chance to play. He told me about some of the mistakes that he made and how he learned from that. I took some of his advice and talked to guys like Brandon Johnson and Jake Locker. The strongest men are going to survive. Camp is going to be hard, but it's going to test you to see if you really want to play this game. And I'm looking forward to it."

Standing on the field at Husky Stadium Saturday night watching the Huskies' highlight tape with his Mother Loretta - Polk got an immediate sense of just what he's about to face - and he loved every second of it. "It made me want to go out and play right then and there," he said of watching the highlights. "It was exciting. That was a big highlight - just being with the players and seeing the people that might be my teammates...guys like Everette Thompson. It was fun to see people get out of the comfort zone a little and talk, even those that don't want to that much. We just had fun and went from there."

Thompson - the 6-foot-6, powerfully-built defensive end from Kennedy High in Burien, was also on his official visit to UW. But he hasn't made his college choice as of yet. Was Polk's mention of Thompson a bit of foreshadowing?

"Hopefully he will be a Husky," Polk said, with a grin you could make out while even on the telephone. "He's a great athlete. We'll have a great recruiting class if he commits."

What did the Washington coaches tell Polk during his visit? Is he going to be just a receiver, or are they also interested in seeing his speed light up their return game? "They told me to come in and work hard," Polk said. "I'm going to get a chance to do a couple of different things. So when people aren't practicing, practice. Just do the little things, and I'll be successful. I'm not looking to star or redshirt. Wherever they put me, I'm just going to try and make the field so I can play receiver or doing some punt returns, kickoff returns."

Polk is a brilliant athlete, a true three-sport star. He fit in his official visit despite currently playing basketball for the Cardinals, and is also training for some indoor track meets. In fact, Polk has decided he wants to race at the Dempsey indoor. "I'm going to run against some college guys," he said, noting that he'll compete in the sprints and also participate in the long jump.

"I'm doing a little bit of everything," he added. "I'm just having fun. It's my senior year."

He said that he did talk to the coaches and academic advisors about possibly running some track in college. "It's all my choice," he said. "As long as I get my work done. They stressed my academics. I'll get my work done, because I do. I could run track at the next level."

Polk reaffirmed his commitment to Washington this weekend, over offers from Portland State and Arizona. "I'm a Husky," he said proudly. "Everybody is motivated in this class, and we're looking forward to winning a Rose Bowl." Top Stories