Trip Report: Everette Thompson

He's the biggest recruit left on Washington's board from the state of Washington and Kennedy DE/TE Everette Thompson is feeling the pressure. Ok, not really pressure, but he got some light-hearted prodding this weekend on his official visit to Montlake from his former high school teammate and host Nate Williams.

"There wasn't a lot of pressure to commit," Thompson said on Monday afternoon. "They joked around with me about it though and said things like ‘so when are you going to commit?' and we all laughed about it, but there wasn't a lot of pressure."

Thompson actually spent Friday evening with the other recruits and had dinner with the whole group, but he had to leave because he had a test the next morning.

"I started my visit on Friday, but I was only there for the dinner because I had to go home and take the ACT test the following morning," Thompson said. "Then I came back around 3 o'clock and hung around campus and went in for my position meeting and spent time with my host Nate Williams."

Thompson and Williams go way back, practically to the crib, and the two have a special bond that allows them to share confidences that new acquaintances might not be able to.

"I asked him the difference and he was like ‘honestly, the difference is the speed' and 'there's no time to think and either you do it or you don't'," Thompson recalled. "He didn't do too much. I just asked him questions and he answered them and he gave me the pros and cons of the school and the program."

Thompson said the best part of the trip was getting to go out on the field at nighttime.

"Before dinner we just walked out on the field and it was pretty cool because it was at nighttime," Thompson said. "The lights were shining and we walked out there and got a great feel for things."

Thompson said he will take his final trip this weekend to Oregon State and then will decide between Oregon, Oregon State and Washington.

We'll continue to track his progress over the next few weeks and update things as they change.

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