Prince makes the call

It's been a journey for Crespi QB Kevin Prince. He'd expected to make a commitment to his school of choice before his senior year started...then things changed a bit when his childhood favorite - UCLA - got involved. He postponed his decision and then suffered a season-ending knee injury in the first quarter of his first game. Now that he's made his decision he had only one thing to say...

"I'm a Husky," was the text Prince sent to this afternoon and then he called to give us the reasons for his commitment.

"Washington is the school I've been leaning toward for a while and coach (Chris) Tormey was down here the past two weeks and we talked about things," Prince noted. "He asked me last week if I wanted to be a Husky and I said I wasn't ready yet, but after that I just starting thinking about things and today I just came to that conclusion and I was ready to commit.

"It's a relief to get it over with and to know that I will be getting to play for them."

Prince's LDS faith has been a constant topic of conversation in his recruitment and he said that will all be settled in spring.

"The coaches said that they either want me to greyshirt or take my mission," Prince said. "If I greyshirt I will enroll in January of 2009 and if I do that I won't be taking my mission until after I finish school.

"If I decide to take my mission I will do that and then be back in 2010 so I have some decisions to make because the coaches told me they want me to make a decision by spring ball."

As far as Prince's injury is concerned, he said he's ready to start doing his football workouts pretty soon.

"I'm seven weeks, post-op and I've been walking on it for three weeks now," Prince said. "I'm on track to start running next month and to start my football workouts and I'll finally be able to get back to doing the normal things I'm used to doing which will be great."

Prince also has a teammate who is considering the Dawgs as well.

"E.J. (Woods) is really thinking about going (to Washington), but I think things are kind of on hold until he finds out which coach is hired (at UCLA)," Prince said. "I've talked to him about going there with me and hopefully he does, but I'm going to let him make that decision, although I'll definitely be working on him a little bit."

We'll have more from Prince on signing day in early February.

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