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Woes mount for dogged Dawgs
Race Bannon

Road woes.
Secondary woes.
Running woes.

Whoa to the woes already, as too many woeses mean no Roses this year for the Huskies.

An inspired group of Trojans put the wood to the Huskies at the Los Angeles Coliseum on Saturday afternoon before a healthy crowd and a regional television audience. Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts did the play by play, until Fouts flung himself from the press box as results of the Ducks epic collapse became known.

The commentators, the crowd in attendance, and the viewing audience all repeated what has become an all too familiar litany of horrors for the 2002 Dawgs.

Carson Palmer showed the steely-eyed leadership of the 15-year veteran he is, and rookie Mike Williams showed that there is more than one Williams superstar in the league. The Trojans struck early and often over the top, and then stifled the one-dimensional Husky attack.

We credit the team for attempting a doomed comeback, and encourage them to play with fire and abandon from the opening gun to the last gun. It is circle the wagons time at Montlake, as the crown jewel of the program, the long streak of non-losing seasons, is on the line the rest of the way.

The Husky faithful have grown a tad restless, but are showing the maturity and patience that one expects from college football fans. A letter from a concerned alum illustrates this:

Dear Race;

I've been a Husky fan since Gilmore Dobie, and I have never been as upset with the way things are as I am now. The Huskies never lost when I was young, and played every game with pinpoint precision and genius coaching. We ran the ball and we passed it better than anyone else. We won the Rose Bowl every year.

And then the Kent State fans warned us when we hired Don James that he was colorless and would run our program into the ground. We should have fired him in the mid 80's, and would have if I was in charge, but instead we settled for more mediocrity.

Now we have this cast of clowns, and they should all be taken out and shot at dawn. THIS IS NOT UNREASONABLE, AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE YOU ARE AS BIG A PART OF THE PROBLEM AND SHOULD BE SHOT WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Angry Alum

Dear Angry Alum;

Of course you are eminently reasonable, and your points are well taken. If you'll just stay where you are until the police can track you down, everything will be fine.

I'm sure that the coaches and players are just as distressed as you are, and hopefully are approaching the many problems with just a touch more maturity. Thanks for your interest, and Go Dawgs!
Ducks blow huge lead
Mallard N. Moore

Is Mike Bellotti the man to lead the Ducks to the National Championship they so richly deserve? The question has come up again as the Ducks blew a huge lead at home for the second year in a row, costing the Ducks their birthright shot at the BCS Championship game.

All a program can do is schedule every game possible at home against horrible competition. It is then up to the coach to win those games. Especially the home games.

Andrew Walter threw for a Pac 10 record 536 yards against the vaunted Green Machine defense. We can do without any more tips from the Husky coaching staff on how to defense the pass. The 114th rated Duck pass defense was as effective as Tokyo air defense in early 1945.

The Ducks ran the ball well, they stopped the run, Fife was efficient, and they were cruising at 35-17, when the sky fell in. Unlike the Huskies, we deserved to win! We always do!

Of course, it didn't help going up against Heisman winner Walter, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, and a sure fire #1 pick this spring in the NFL draft. And Coach Bellotti pointed out that ASU cheated on a fake punt, so look for the game to be protested and overturned.

Unlike those spoiled Husky fans, the Duck fans are used to years of losing, so they won't be insane. Most are still in pleasant denial that the "glitches" in the pass defense can be fixed. Wait until they see it happen time after time like our Husky neighbors, and they realize you can't hide a bad secondary in the Pac 10.

Avoid the rush – fire everybody now.
The Week Ahead
Race Bannon

Arizona State stands astride the Pac 10 as a colossus, conquerors of newly remodeled Autzen Arena, and licking their chops at the sight of the hurtin' Huskies coming to town. Andrew Walter, who threw for a league record yardage amount against the nation's 114th ranked pass defense, steps up in class to face the nation's 113th ranked pass defense. Can he survive this brutal test?

There have been many legendary battles in the desert with this worthy foe, one of only 4 teams to win a Rose Bowl in the Pac Ten since the early 70's. The best team doesn't always win, and if the Huskies can stay up on the scoreboard, then who knows?

Our pick for the UW – SC game was eerily close, even more eerie when you consider that it was a joke. What the hell, let's go for more laughs, nothing else is working. The Huskies come out firing and silence the critics and sooth some pride as they dismantle the high flying Devils in front of their home fans, on Homecoming, no less.

UW – 56, ASU – 55

USC will try to prove they can win a road game at Autzen, and they have had plenty of practice, playing their 23rd straight game in Eugene this week. Carson Palmer needs this win to complete his resume. Mike Williams could be the first of two William's nightmares to visit Autzen this year.

The game rides on the broad back of Onterrio Smith, who will need to control the sturdy Trojan D, and give Fife time to find open receivers. SC needs to clean up the special teams, which cost them in Pullman.

I would have thought this was an Oregon lock not long ago, but visions of torched secondaries still dance in my head.

USC – 38, UO – 35

Washington State, the neatest team in the Pac 10, and now prohibitive favorite to smell the Roses, which will hopefully cover their normal smell, manure, travels to Tucson to rout the packed it in Arizona Mildcats. No contest, game over early, giving Cougar fans time to continue their Apple Cup Pre Game show at Dawgman. No way they blow this one. Uh uh, wouldn't be prudent, not gonna happen.

WSU – 71, UA – 2

Oregon State will bounce back to beat Cal. Get some cheese ready for Tedford's whine. UCLA will beat Stanford, behind Tommy Maddox at quarterback.

And Finally………….. a tough ending to a tough career for Cory Paus, UCLA quarterback, hurt again last weekend……..Nebraska lost to Oklahoma State for the first time since 1962….lots of firsts for the Huskers this year…………Dan Fouts remains a favorite announcer………He's no Tom Ramsey though………didn't mention Dawgman……….Look for our new contest, coming soon: "Write This Column For a Week." This job is brutal, second only to Rick's press conferences……….Day 47 – Our Coach Held Hostage – after your late local news…..Good night everybody!!!!

Thanks for Reading - Race
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