Griffin looking to end process?

James Griffin is a 6-2, 205-pound linebacker prospect from Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California and to say that James is being heavily recruited would be a massive understatement. At this point, he's having a hard time deciding if the three official visits he's already taken will be enough. If it is, those schools will have to show him the love if they expect to get his signature on a letter-of-intent.

"We had a bye week, so I went to Oregon on an official visit," Griffin told tonight about what he did this past weekend. He attended the Ducks' heartbreaking 45-42 defeat at the hands of Arizona State, but James saw the loss as an opportunity to check Oregon's resiliency and team chemistry. "It was a pretty good game, even though Oregon lost. I was kind of rooting for them to lose, because on all of my other trips the teams won. I wanted to see what they would do after a loss. Right after the game the linebacker coach (Don Pellum) came right up to me and said, 'That's why we are recruiting you.' The linebackers didn't put that much pressure on the quarterback."

Griffin found out he had plenty in common with the Oregon players. "The players were cool," he said. "They know a lot of players that I know and Onterrio Smith played with my cousin when he was still at Tennessee." Smith and tight end George Wrighster were Griffin's hosts. "There wasn't just one highlight. There were a lot of highlights. Just getting a chance and watch the guy at my spot. I know I can beat him out. It's the perfect scenario for me. In all the trips I've made I haven't seen one linebacker I can't beat out. I'm at a different level."

James mentioned the Duck coaching staff and how impressed he was with how things were run on game day. "Coach (Mike) Bellotti is a good coach," he said. "He's cool. I got a chance to see what it was like in the meeting rooms and all that. It was tight."

Did Griffin give Bellotti and verbal commitment during his visit? "At one point I did, but then I knew I had to go home and talk to my Dad about it," he said. "My Dad saw what was going on and said, 'Go for it,' but I haven't yet." Why not? "It's just hard right now. I still see myself in other uniforms sometimes. Sometimes I see myself at V-Tech and other times I see myself at Washington, so it's hard. VT is a young team and so is Washington. You go and see the #6 team in the country (Oregon) and then the #3 team in the country (Virginia Tech) and then you've also got Washington too. I really can't go wrong anywhere."

The Hokies are serious about Griffin. "I just got done talking to Coach (Frank) Beamer about 30 minutes ago," James said. "They are a young team and yet they still expect to win this year but it's #1 next year. There's just a whole lot of confusion for me right now."

According to Griffin, there's only one thing he needs to come to a decision - time. "Just me thinkin' a lot. (laughs) I've got other schools, like Florida State and Oklahoma and other schools that aren't giving up, but I'm thinking about just deciding between the three (Virginia Tech, Washington and Oregon). I guess I just want to see who is going to show me the most interest, see something different that I haven't seen before. I'm graduating in December, so I'm going into spring wanting to battle one guy for a spot and each school I like is like that."

He's got a couple of months to search for that clue that gives him the key to his final decision. "I'm going to decide in December unless it comes to me in a dream and I know that it's where I want to go to school," Griffin said.

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