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Washington heads out to the road, where they've dropped their past five contests. However, the last road win came at the very stadium that will host Saturday night's game - Sun Devil Stadium. John Anderson won that one at the tape with a field goal in an incredible finish. Will that scenario repeat itself? Here's our take on the game . . .

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 4-3: I realized a couple of interesting things last weekend: (1) That I am 0-7 lifetime when watching a Husky game at Pat Thrapp's House, and yet in that same span the Huskies are 24-2 when I watch elsewhere. (??????) (2) That I have been voting with my heart all year, when it comes to predictions, and that has to stop. As I stated aloud during last week's game, "Joe Kaiser had this right on the money, didn't he? Just look at the math coming into this game."

I picked UW to come out with fire and win a squeaker. I had also picked them to whip Arizona. I had also predicted that they would hang 63 points on Idaho. I have picked UW to win every week so far this year. I haven't really been correct in my assessments. I feel those same optimistic surges this week, and feel like UW will go down there, play Husky football, and win a great game for the program. But in the same manner as someone attending an AA meeting, the first step is admitting that you have a problem.

I am still hopeful, but my mind is over-ruling my heart this week. Part of what made the Devils look good was that the Duck secondary is awful. Nevertheless, they can throw and have great coaching. In my pre-season picks for the PigskinPost, I had ASU winning nine games, and I took a lot of grief for it.

ASU 38, UW 27
Andy Poehlman, Columnist. Record: 3-3: I suppose I can officially say that I've given up faith. Seemingly the last remnants of the old Dawgs have been swept away and we, as fans, are left with a team that cannot run nor defend the pass. That doesn't really bode well for this weekend's tilt, as ASU can throw it around pretty good and have a dynamite pass rusher in Terrell Suggs who will have his ears pinned back all day.

It could be ugly, but more than likely it will just be disappointing.

ASU 38, UW 20
Joe Kaiser, Columnist: Record: 5-2: Sorry Husky fans, there's no reason to believe that the Dawgs will be able to even contain Arizona State's passing attack. Sun Devil quarterback Andrew Walter is on absolute fire, and it will continue this week while the Huskies struggle to find anyone who can cover the pass. Look for the Huskies to fall behind early, abandon the run, and pass close to 50 times. Despite another big numbers day from Cody Pickett and his receiving corps, it won't be enough. This one might get ugly.

ASU 48, Washington 24
Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 5-2: Oh God, do I really have to? And here, I've been lounging around the rooftop pool at the Tempe Mission Palms since Wednesday ... I can really get used to this. Though Sun Devil Stadium is only 700 yards from here, it seems lazily far away. Hopefully, some of you can pop into McDuffy's in Tempe tonight and say hey. We'll get pumped tomorrow. Who did you say was playing again?

We got us another one of them ol' fashioned desert shootouts. I have a feeling Washington is going to try harder to run it here than at any other point of the season. I also have a feeling that when the chips get down, the footballs will be flying once more. Some more frightful murmurs about the defense, to be sure - no Husky defender can stop Shaun McDonald. But unlike last week, where they were in a place they don't play well, this time they're in a place they DO play well. Road shmoad, give me another Mai Tai -- then give me a three-year, three-game Tempe sweep of Team Sparky.

Washington 38, Arizona State 34
Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 6-1: This is a tough one to call. I'm trying to weigh how big of a letdown ASU will have after beating the #6 Ducks vs. how many things were fixed during the week for the Huskies. Also, will this be the same Sun Devil team who played lights out against the Ducks, or the team that lost at home to a now 2-5 North Carolina team and scored only 13 points against OSU (at home again) in the weeks leading up to the Oregon game. I predict the Devils mistakenly overlook the Dawgs because they are worried about keeping their Rose Bowl hopes alive next week when they travel to #9 Wazzu and … keep the game closer than expected.

Arizona State 41, Washington 35
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 5-2: Which way is this team going? Up or down, or are they stuck at a plateau? Last week, UW was rated in the polls. ASU was not. This week ASU is rated in the polls. UW is not. I wonder if the Michigan game was just 2 mediocre teams playing each other. Yet Michigan is 8th in the BCS! What has happened since then? It is probably countless little things that add up to one big fizzle. Read the boards and you could itemize those little things. It would be a long list I am afraid. In my heart though, I have hope. I think this game will be close. DAWGs have got to be doing some gut checks. If the D can step forward this team will win. The offense will get it done. Just keep them close. ASU is #1 in conference in total yards (3336). UW is #2 (3238). UW is #8 in total yards allowed (2628). ASU is #9 (2869). Looks like a shootout could ensue. I believe it will be a high scoring and exciting game - until the end.

ASU 43, UW 34
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 5-2: We shouldn't have to wait this long for a victory on the road. Coincidently, the Dawgs travel to the last place they DID win on the road. ASU is feeling mighty confident and rightfully so. They are undefeated in the Pac-10 and are thinking Roses. Washington on the other hand is just looking for a win to get their confidence back on track. Sounds like it should be the other way around in my opinion. Will the pissed off attitude bring the intensity? This game will be won through the air (surprise surprise) and who knows, maybe we will get a glimpse of the Huskies secret weapon. (a rushing game?!) This will be without a doubt the Walter and Pickett show. Whoever's arm gets tired first will lose. Washington wins a nail-biter (another surprise surprise).

Prediction: Washington 34, Arizona State 31
Edwin Kim, Intern. Record: 3-2: Man, what is going on? Another game on the road. Another game against a team that can light it up through the air. I didn't think that we'd have to "right the ship" this year, but that's where we are. If the Huskies don't come out for this game inspired and angry THEN I will really start to question the program. This game isn't about X's and O's, schemes, stats or personnel. This game is about whether or not the Dawgs come out inspired and angry. They should and I think they will. Don't expect a lot to change, but a step will be made. I don't care about my overall prediction record. If the Huskies tank, so will my record. It can't go on forever.

UW 45 - ASU 41
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 6-1. And then there's the duel in the desert where the Sun Devils try to maintain their magical run through conference play when they tackle a desperate Washington team hell-bent on trying to get a 'W' any way they can. I honestly think that Washington will come through and find a way to handle Andrew Walter, but it's unfortunate that they've had to back themselves into a corner to finally play some ball worthy of the purple and gold. No matter how Dirk Koetter and company try and spin it, they will have a bit of an emotional letdown. How can they not? Last weekend's win over Oregon was huge for his program and arguably his biggest win at ASU so far. Shaun McDonald will cause the Husky secondary fits ala Bobby Wade. But desperate times call for desperate measures and expect Rick Neuheisel and Tim Hundley to pull out all the stops, including possibly making some personnel shifts to counteract the anticipated Devil air assault. On offense? I think Rich Alexis, while saying all the right things publicly, is ready to show Neuheisel why he made a big mistake in holding him out in the loss to USC last Saturday. John Anderson once again leaves Sun Devil Stadium for the final time with fond memories.

Washington 38 - ASU 35
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 4-3: Look for a shootout at ASU with the ball in the air all night long. Washington's run defense is strong so the Sun Devils will attempt to exploit a shaky Husky secondary. Cody Pickett could set a single game passing record in this one for Washington. He won't let Washington go 1-3 in the conference. Expect a wild finish with the Dawgs hanging on.

UW 41 - ASU 38
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 6-1: Washington needs this game, as it is perhaps their best shot at upending a team on the road this year. Arizona State is hotter than a pistol, but is it for real? Andrew Walter never impressed me but his numbers this year don't lie - he has learned Dirk Koetter's system that worked so well at Oregon in his last stint through the Pac-10. Can Washington stop Shaun McDonald and Justin Taplin? I think they'll try to do it with more man coverages than before as their zone drops have been beaten like a rented donkey this year. Watch for the Huskies to play more nickel, which moves Carothers over to SAM LB and a possible newcomer will see action in the Husky secondary as the nickel back. Will it be enough? Will Khalif Barnes be able to keep Terrell Suggs away from Cody Pickett?

I see a terrific game in the first half getting away from the Dawgs in the second half. Washington just doesn't have the running game to pound down ASU and wear them down. Suggs, Jimmy Verdon, and Mason Unck get after the quarterback well, particularly if they don't have to worry about stopping the rushing attack. Pickett throws for 400+ but Arizona State wins the war. They could let down after defeating mighty Oregon on the road, but new coach Koetter is a hard ass and probably won't allow it.

Prediction: Arizona State 34, Washington 24
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