Trip Report - Martin Bayless

SEATTLE - It's not often the University of Washington can get a top recruit from Texas to make a January recruiting visit, but they were able to do it last year with Victor Aiyewa. So why not do it again? The Huskies tripped out Martin Bayless from Hightower High School in Sugar Land, Tex. - Aiyewa's old school - this past weekend, and it appears that the trip made an impression.

Bayless, the son of former NFL standout Martin Bayless - Went to Seattle with his mother and little sister, and the whole family enjoyed their stay. "It went great, it was a great visit," Bayless told Monday morning. "I met Coach (Tyrone) Willingham, he's a real good coach. The program is heading in the right direction."

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound receiver/defensive back prospect landed at SeaTac Friday around noon, and it was non-stop from that point on. "We went right to lunch and then had some team meetings," he said.

The first coach Bayless talked about was UW Secondary Coach J.D. Williams. "He told me that everyone starts out at corner," he said of Williams' teachings. "You study a lot of film. if He broke down the route tree for me. First route is a six yards, next at 10 and so on and last routes are fade and corner route. A lot of players jump routes because they study so much, not because they are the best athletes. If I go there, that's going to be important. I'm going to study."

Then came a talk with Receivers Coach Charlie Baggett. "He was the one that recruited me (to Washington)," Bayless said. "He coached my Dad when my Dad was in college, at Bowling Green. We sat down and watched the Cal game and he showed me what kind of offense they run and the different plays they have."

So does Bayless have a feel for what position he would like to start out at in college? "I just want to go where I can play, wherever I can help the team out the most," he said. That didn't stop Williams and Baggett from trying to see who could sway Bayless over to their corner.

"They were kind of jawin' at each other the whole weekend," he said with a little chuckle. "I think it was a tie."

When asked about a highlight of the visit, Bayless didn't hesitate. "It was definitely my talk with Coach Willingham," he said. "He broke down what the program is, what kind of a man he stands for, his ethics. Great coach, great man, and he looks out for his players. And he wants to win."

Bayless got the impression that the rest of his family had a good time on his visit to Washington. "She loved it," he said of his mother's take on what she saw. "She thought it was a very nice school. She liked the academic support and she also really likes the Team Chaplain (Mike Rohrbach). And she loved the facilities too. She said that they don't get any better."

Bayless rated the trip an '8 or 9' on a scale from 1 to 10. "It was just a great visit," he said. "It's just a good school. It has it's pluses and minuses - like any other school - but its pluses really outweigh its minuses."

The Bayless family, before moving to the Houston area, used to live in Southern California. In talking to Bayless in an earlier interview, he talked about his desire to one day get back to the west coast. Did he get that old west coast vibe while hanging out in Seattle? "We were on the west coast, but it also had a little bit of a midwest feel to it," he said. "The campus did, with the way it looked and the way the weather was. It was kind of like Houston and California. It was a nice little mix, I wouldn't mind being there."

With so much enthusiasm from all the members of his family that visited, you would have thought Bayless entertained thoughts of making a final decision, but he has a plan in place and is not deviating from it. "We're going to sit down and make a decision, maybe in the next week," he said. Bayless added that he will visit North Carolina this coming weekend, and that's the only other trip he knows about right now. "My Dad sets all that stuff up," he said.

Bayless has already officially visited Northwestern, and California is another school that's definitely in the picture. "It's going good with them," he said of the Golden Bears. "They are still talking to me, still recruiting me."

Bayless and his father visited USC, UCLA, California, Stanford, Florida and Texas A&M during the summer, and Martin has standing offers to all those schools, except for USC. Arizona State is another school that has come after Martin recently with a lot of interest.

And the Huskies? The Bayless family has been told by the Washington coaching staff that a decision on extending an offer will be made by the end of this week. Top Stories