Coach Neuheisel post game quotes

Coach Rick Neuheisel was very subdued as he addressed the media following his team's sixth road loss in a row. The Washington head coach is still looking for answers after ASU defeated the Huskies 27-16 this evening.

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  • General Comments: It was a long night for our offense. I thought our defense played pretty respectably. I thought they did a lot of good things. We were just unable to generate any field position or any sort of consistency to keep the defense off the field. It was just a very long night until late and we were able to get some touchdowns late to make things look respectable. It's very disappointing to see yourselves getting dominated the way we were dominated on that side of the ball.

    Our team has to suck it up. That's the bottom line. There's no sugar coating it. We've got to suck it up and try to make something of our season. We've got a game against UCLA next week that is back at home. Hopefully we'll come out and play like a team that resembles a Washington team. We are taking full responsibility. Starting with myself. We're looking forward to trying to right the ship. All I know is to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

    I don't see a lack of effort. I will look closely and evaluate the tapes. If that's the case then absolutely, we'll replace players.

    We've got to ask ourselves everything there is to ask ourselves in regards to scheme, coaching the scheme, with regard to implementing the scheme and whether or not the players are capable of implementing what we're asking them to implement. Finding something to hang our hat on and going back and playing some good sound fundamental football.

    On their scheme: It just looked like Terrell Suggs was unblockable. We had guys trying to chip him and so forth, but he just got up the field and created mayhem. It all goes back to the same thing. If you can't block then you can't run. If you can't run then you get one-dimensional. If you get one-dimensional, especially with a pass rusher like Suggs and all the different things that he's brings to the table, it gets to be long and arduous. It was a very, very poor showing from our offense..

    On the lack of a shootout: I thought our defense played very respectably. There's going to be things we're disappointed in. We made some let downs in assignments on some big plays that gave them touchdowns instead of field goals. I thought our defense did alright, but our offense was overmatched today.

    We didn't try to put an inordinate amount of pressure when we came with pressure we got home a respectable amount of time. We were trying to do some covering too. They threw for 550 yards last week or some ungodly number. And we're trying to do some good things in the back end. I thought for the most part we did.

    I think the rhythm was entirely upset due to the pass rush. Once that happens things get long. We ran the all ok today. There were some mess ups with some holding calls, and obviously with some sacks. When were able to stay ahead of the down and distance we were able to get some good runs. The numbers will be out of whack because of the sacks. Top Stories