Thomas' heart still at Montlake

When he committed to Washington back in April of 2006, it was thought that PG Isaiah Thomas would be the scoring point guard the Huskies had lacked for quite some time. However, he hit a bump on the way – the SAT – and he's been in Connecticut the past 16 months playing ball and studying for the test. How close is he to making the grade? Read on to find out…

"I'm taking SAT this Saturday (Jan. 26th) and I've been studying with a tutor and I think this one is it and I'm going to try my hardest to get it done," Thomas told earlier this week. "That's all I need to get it done. I'm pretty close and my grades have gone up and that helps me out a lot. I just need the test score and I hope I get it.

"I'm really confident I'm going to knock this one out and be done with it."

One place Thomas has been getting it done is on the court.

While South Kent School is only 10-12, he's helped to lead the charge back to respectability after the team got off to a bad start to their season.

"(The season) is going better than it was at first," Thomas admitted. "We were on a little losing streak before winter break because the chemistry wasn't going well and the team wasn't playing well.

"Then we just had a little winning streak where we had won six in a row and lost one this past Sunday, coach (Lorenzo) Romar was at the game, and we're 10-12 now and that sounds bad, but we've just been playing a lot better and so it's going good right now."

Thomas is now averaging over 30 points a game, but early on he was dishing the ball and getting more players involved, but the coaches put an end to that after the holidays.

"At the beginning of the year I was hurt most of the first half of the season so it was something that I wasn't trying to force a lot," Thomas noted. "The coaches tried to get me to be the leader out there and the captain out there, so I was trying to get others involved and developing that chemistry and what not. It was working a little bit and it wasn't working a little bit.

"Then we took a couple days off over winter break and we came back and the coach just told me to go out and do what I do which is scoring and do what I do to help this team win so that's why it's been better for me."

Thomas noted that he was dealing with a thigh bruise that caused him some problems.

"Just the main part was getting back healthy – I had a bad contusion on my thigh – it was like a really bad Charlie horse and I couldn't get any lift on my jump shot and just getting back healthy has been a big thing and it helps us win so it's going better," Thomas added. We'll continue to follow Thomas' progress toward qualifying and update news as it becomes available.

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