Player quotes, Washington vs. Arizona State

The mood was somber in the Washngton locker room last night as the players addressed the 27-16 loss to the Sun Devils.

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  • Khalif Barnes:
    On Terrell Suggs: "Terrell Suggs was unstoppable, we were double-teaming and chipping him, but he just got up the field and created mayhem. It just goes back to if you can't block then you obviously can run the ball, then you become one dimensional, and when they have a pass rusher like Suggs it can be a long night."

    On Arizona State's play: "They played well. They are hot right now, they came off a big win at Autzen Stadium last week and they are the team to beat in the Pac-10 right now. We are not going to hold our heads down. We are looking for the seniors on this team to come back and lead practice on Monday. This kind of thing is the nature of the sport. Tough times don't last but tough people do. We haven't lost our confidence. The game started out bad. We are not coming out with the same momentum as the teams we are playing. We need to match their tempo, and by the time we do match it, in the fourth quarter, it is too late. I am very confident in myself and my team and where we go from here."

    Braxton Cleman:
    On the defense: "Our defense did an outstanding job. We had to get them out of some situations offensively, but unfortunately we didn't do that. They had some big stops on fourth and one, and fourth and two, and we didn't come up with plays for them offensively."

    On the attitude of the team: "Mentally, we're down right now. We were not expecting this kind of a start coming into the season, but we are all great people here and we are going to get back on top of things. Starting today, on the flight home, we have to concentrate and think about what people did."

    On Arizona State's defense: "They have a great defense. I saw a piece of (Terrell Suggs) every time I touched the ball. He's a great player and they did their jobs out here. They stopped us when they needed to and we didn't convert."

    On UW's offensive gameplan: "Coach Gilby had a great gameplan. Unfortunately it didn't work out and we got behind. Once that happened, we had to start looking for the pass. Personally, as a runnning back, I didn't get the running game to where it should be. That's my responsibility to do that and I didn't step up to the plate."

    Reggie Williams:
    About the Sun Devil defense: "The defense was really playing a lot of pressure at the line. I feel I got through that pretty well, but they have an excellent defensive front, and I think that had a lot to do with Cody not being able to throw the deep ball."

    About the team's attitude: "I don't think we were physically outmatched. We just had some things thatwe needed to do on offense that we din't get done right. This game was obviously a downer because nobody wants to lose two games in a row. We are a tough team and we are going to get out win at home next week. It was really important for our team to get something going in the fourth quarter, we had to finish our game and do whatever we could to try to come back at the end. I don't know if our lack of long passes was the problem tonight. We just didn't do some of the things we needed to do."

    John Anderson:
    On the team's disappointment after a loss: "I blame myself. I could have gotten those onsides kicks better. Who knows. We just have to come back on Monday and beat UCLA this week. It's a similar situation, so we just have to go 100 percent."

    On what's happened since Michigan: "Well, the same players are on the team. I don't know what to tell you. I haven't kicked to my ability this year and that's just the way it is."

    On the team's mentality after the loss: "Myself and the other nine seniors on this team need to come together and show the younger kids. This is a very young football team, a very young, talented football team. We just need to come together. This isn't how the University of Washington Huskies play. And I think we're going to go back on Monday and do our best to fix that."

    Terrell Suggs:
    On coming out and proving something: "Last year they sat me down, and word was that Khalif Barnes said he was going to shut me down again tonight and I didn't like that. I had to come out and play my best game. I had to be all that Terrell Suggs could be. And they're struggling right now, but they're still the best. They are the Washington Huskies. And we've played a bunch of good teams this year, them among them, but tonight I just went out there and played. I just let it go."

    On next week's game against WSU: "Big game. It's going to be a showdown. It's on national TV, ABC, and it's going to be a fun game to play. I'm looking forward to it."

    On shutting down UW's high-powered offense: "Get to the quarterback. Cody Pickett is a magician. He can do anything. You see him in there and even when I had him he still got the ball off. He's a great guy. I love Cody and I love all the guys over there. They are a great team and I just came to play tonight."

    On checking out last week's UW-USC game: "There was nothing from SC. We didn't really even watch it, just bits and pieces. We knew what we had to play Sun Devil football, and that's what we did."

    Mike Karney:
    On beating his hometown team: "It's a great feeling. I'm very excited. They are a great team and I wish them luck the rest of the year."

    On dropping a sure touchdown: "When you give great effort, that happens sometimes. Oh well." Top Stories