Lineman attends UW-ASU game

Could there be a silver lining in last Saturday's 27-16 loss to Arizona State? Well, according to at least one Arizona prep player, the outcome wasn't that important to him. If anything, it was a nice respite for a player that had just endured a tough loss the night before to his biggest rival.

"We just killed ourselves," Mike Pollak told last night. "We were driving to the end zone and fumbled at the one, fumbled at the two, fumbled at the 15 and also threw a couple of interceptions." Pollak and Corona del Sol plays Desert Mountain this coming Friday.

As for the game Saturday, Mike soaked in the atmosphere just like he has for other Sun Devil games this year. "It was interesting," he said. "I couldn't really root because I like both programs. It was a good game. There was probably more fans there than at any other game this year (at ASU).

But when Pollak watches, he watches with an eye to the future. "I watch pretty closely. I watch the O-line and the D-line," he said. He even envisioned going up against ASU's sensational defensive end, Terrell Suggs. "Oh yeah. He's amazing!"

Mike couldn't talk to the Washington coaches, and hung out briefly with ASU's staff. "They just talk to me, like 'How's it going?'," he said. "They aren't pressuring me at all."

Did ASU's play put them at the top of Pollak's list? Mike insists that he's still very much open. "No, not at all," he said. "It didn't influence me one way or the other. More proof of that comes with news that Mike is in the process of setting up one more official visit. "I plan on taking a trip to Vanderbilt, hopefully in December, but maybe in January."

Pollak already visited Washington the weekend of the Arizona game. He has a trip to Tempe set up for December 6th and a tentative date for Arizona the following week.

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