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SEATTLE - Here's what Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar, as well as Venoy Overton, Jon Brockman and Ryan Appleby, had to say after the Huskies defeated Arizona 75-66 at Bank of America Arena late Thursday night.

Lorenzo Romar:
On Overton's performance: "I know that is what he is capable of doing. Tonight he was very focused. Atheletes have a lot of pride. Last time we played Arizona, I think Bayless got a way from us and Venoy was guarding him. I think Venoy was very inspired to play his best basketball. Venoy was Outstanding on both ofeense and defense toinight."

On free throw shooting: "Tonight, the right guys were on the line, because they were hitting them. Justin hasn't been shooting as well as he czan, but tonight he did. Venoy has not ben shooting a healthy percentage from the line, but tonight, he went 9-9. Those were more gamer free throws than anything."

On the team's improved play: "I'd say that three of the last four games, we've put forth the type of effort that can allow you to win a lot of ball games. Obviouly I wish we could have started this 10 games ago."

On containing Bayless and Budinger: "We didn't want those two to beat us. I commend our team, because they were very aware of where those guys were. You have to be, or they'll destroy you."

On the teams improving defense: "It starts at the defensive end. We're holding teams under 43 percent, and we've never done that since we've been here with any team, regardless of who we've had. Our defense has been better and it's allowed us to gain more confidence and play better basketball."
Venoy Overton:
On guarding Jerryd Bayless: "I just wanted to try and get in his head and try to contain him. I just told him it wasn;t going to be an easy night for him."

On his big night: "I could feel it. In the second half when I was attacking I could feel something big was happenng."

On sticking to the game plan: They came out ready. We just tried to wear them down because we knew they had no depth."
Jon Brockman:
On the referees: "They let us play. It was fun to be out there. They did a good job of calling the obvious ones and keeping things in control."

On Jordan Hill: "He's a great rebounder - very long and athletic. He's a good player. He's there every single night, doing the same thing he did tonight."

On coming back from the rout at Arizona: "We just came out and concentrated and executed our scout. We wanted to make sure we kept those three - Hill, Bayless and Budinger - under control a little bit. And for the most part we did. They are going to get their points, they are going to score - but I think we contained them pretty well."

On his leap over the scorer's table: "I thought I was going to catch myself, but then I saw myself falling and I just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt anyone else."

On seeing Overton's aggressive style of play: "It helps a lot, someone having that attitude of 'we're not going to take anything from anyone'. More of us need to have that attitude. We didn't have it last year. We didn't have that swagger at all. He's showing that it helps our team. I love it. It definitely gets others pumped up. The key is to be able to do it when things aren't going right. That's the toughest thing. You have to bring that swagger all the time."

On looking ahead to Arizona State: "This is a big win, but it's over with . Saturday is our next game and we have another fabulous freshman (James Harden) coming in and he's going to score. We need to do a good job of containing him."
Ryan Appleby:
On the reasons for the win: "We did a good job of holding onto the ball and penetrating and getting into the teeth of their defense and making a play."

On thinking about the UW All-Time 3-point record: "Not really. I think it was two was all, and I've been averaging three a game, so I thought I was going to get it so I just went out there playing."

On knowing he'd broken the record during the game: "Not right away. When I came to the bench I thought it might be, but it didn't click right away."

On the 2-10 shooting: "My shot was off today. I got some good looks, especially in the beginning of the second half, and I couldn't put them down. It is what it is."

On Venoy Overton: "He probably played his best game of the year. He did a great job getting into the teeth of the defense and making plays - whether it was getting fouled or finishing or passing it to somebody. He did a great job."

On defending Jerryd Bayless: "We were trying to pressure him, make sure there was always someone around him so he couldn't just run around and take shots."

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