Nicholson still open

"No, I didn't commit," were the first words that came out of Donte Nicholson's mouth this morning, in response to an LA Daily report that had Donte committed to the USC Trojans. There was a chain of events that led to the story, but Donte was quick to clear up any misunderstanding.

"What happened is that they asked me, 'Do you see yourself playing here?', and I was like 'Sure, I could see myself playing here'," Nicholson told this morning. "But anything's possible at this point. When I said that, I guess they ran with it, because then I was talking to all the coaches. In the back of my mind, I was like, 'Boy, I hope they don't think I committed,' because I didn't."

Donte still has three official trips to take before making that final decision. He'll be visiting Washington on a rare mid-week visit on November 19th, USC on 12/6 and Oregon on 12/13.

There were some rumblings that the reason the Trojans turned the heat up on Nicholson was because of the news that Darnell Bing hadn't passed the SAT. "From what I know, he's supposed to be transferring in to USC soon," Donte said. If that were to happen, how would it affect his own decision? "It would change it a little bit, that's for sure."

Nicholson is currently taking 17 credits at Mt Sac and is scheduled to graduate this semester, making him eligible to sign a letter on December 20 and transfer to a D1 school mid-year.

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