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The Husky players are getting tired of going into the locker room after defeats. For the fifth time this season, they did just that. Still, no one was questioning the effort or desire on the team. Instead, the focus was what can be done to fix what's wrong and beat Oregon State on Saturday.

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  • DL Terry Johnson:

    On RB Tyler Ebell: "He is a good running back. He earned all the yards that he got. We haven't given up 100 yards to a back in quite some time. My hat's off to him for going through our defense like that. He had 3.3 yards per carry and earned everything all night long."

    On QB Drew Olson: "He kept them in a situation where they could win the game. He was active and he didn't take a lot of sacks. We got close to him and he would throw the ball away. It was frustrating, but he is a freshman quarterback, and I didn't think he played that well, obviously. They had great tight ends and a lot of their guys were open. All he had to do was play pitch and catch, and he did that very well. He was efficient with the way he put the ball in places where it needed to be. Congratulations to a freshman quarterback who could come into Husky Stadium and survive the whole game. I tried to take him out, but he lasted too long."

    On play of defense: "All I can attest to is the defensive front. A lot of times I don't know what goes on behind me. I just hear about it or watch it on the HuskyTron. We give a good effort to get to the quarterback. If we can't get a whole game going, no matter what we do up front or in the secondary, none of it matters."

    "We need to come back and fix whatever we need to fix and bring it against Oregon State."

    WR Paul Arnold: "We have to go out and play hard and test our will this week. We aren't doing what it takes to win, so we have to figure out a formula."

    "Cody is definitely a team guy. We know that he wants to make the big plays and we need to try and do the same. Today wasn't his day, I guess. We have to help him out on some of those interceptions so they don't go that way."

    "We just took what the defense gave us, I was able to be the one to benefit and catch some balls. We knew somebody had to make a big play. We were hoping that a big play would give us a little big of momentum. But it just didn't work out for us at the end."

    "All the losses hurt. Everybody tries so hard and, to come up short, that definitely hurts. If there is a bright spot it is that we never gave up. We have to try to carry over any momentum we had by not giving up into next week."

    "Our main focus right now is to go out and beat Oregon State. We just take it week by week. We're not thinking about needing two more wins to get to a bowl. We just think about going out and playing good the next week."

    "(The struggles) will just show if you are a true Dawg. Anybody can go out to practice and play hard when you are winning, but it is really going to test our character if you can go out and work hard when things aren't going your way."

    CB Nate Robinson: "I'm getting more comfortable, a lot more practice. I want to just go out there and have fun playing. I wanted to take advantage of their freshman quarterback today, so I tried to just go out and play. UCLA did a lot of play action and pound the run at us."

    "You can't win all of the games," said Robinson, dejectedly, as he left the media room.

    LB Tim Galloway: "It wasn't even a designed block on our punt. It was just a right return. The center blocked away, and I just rushed it hard and got my hand on the kick."

    "As a defense I think we did alright. I'm sure there were mistakes that happened, but the bottom line is that we have to get turnovers for our offense. We have to give them good field position with defense and special teams and we didn't get that done.

    S Evan Benjamin: "Right now we can no longer use youth as an excuse. We just have to look at ourselves and buckle down. I'm confident that on Monday we'll get down to work. The only thing we can do is worry about ourselves, as individuals. I think we gave a good effort out there today but just a couple of minor mistakes. We'll look at the film, make adjustments, and come out and give a good effort against Oregon State."

    "It seems like the whole season we've been playing from behind. We need to stop that and get off to a good start. Today we actually came out pretty strong, and we now have to do it for four quarters. We might not have as high of expectations as we did early in the season anymore, but we're going to come out Monday and work as hard as we did in the first week of the season. Of course frustration is there, but we just have to get back on the ball Monday."

    "I can't speak for anyone else but I think we just have to keep working as hard as we did on day one. Until the season is over, we cannot stop working hard."

    TB Chris Singleton: "I'm glad I got the opportunity to finally play and help the team a little bit. Of course I'm sad that things didn't go as planned but I'm going to work hard to get it fixed. Everyone else will, too."

    "I worked hard in practice and I knew there was a possibility that I would start. My Mom and Dad were here and I wanted to play well. I was frustrated, but was patient, too. I knew the coaches were making decisions based on what they feel was right. My Dad told me to just stay ready, so I was ready. It felt good to finally get out there."

    "Our zone plays worked well today. We didn't quite get the draw working, but we ran a lot of stuff at them tonight."

    OT Khalif Barnes: "I can take some positives from this game. I like the way our team came out and played with intensity like I haven't seen in four or five games. On both sides of the ball, regardless of picks, sacks, or running plays. I like the way we ran the ball, Chris Singleton made some incredible plays. I feel strongly that we had UCLA under our belt but unfortunately, that kind of stuff happens. You have to take it and move on and learn from it or you are stuck at ground zero. Real men pick themselves up and don't loaf over these kinds of ball games."

    "We knew that UCLA would come with a lot of blitzes. I thought over all we picked up the majority of them and protected well. The majority of the sacks were scramble sacks, and that's the quarterback's eyes. We can't see that stuff. Take nothing away from UCLA though, they got the victory."

    On the crucial sack by David Ball: "Someone came up the middle and pressured Cody out of the pocket. I was blocking Ball and I thought Cody was still in the pocket, three yards away. Then out of my peripheral I saw him right next to him. Both Cody and Coach Myers said he left the pocket because of pressure up the middle. Dave Ball stumbled right into a sack on that one. Take nothing away from Ball, he's a good player, but he was given a couple of sacks today."

    "Cody is feeling like I was last week at Arizona State, a little confused. You have to keep his head up and not let him think that he is the reason we lost, or anything like that. You look at the film, you see what you can correct, and you take that with you against OSU on Saturday. I don't think it's fair for people to get down on him. He's a hell of a ball player, a hell of a competitor, he just had a bad game."

    "Regardless of Dave Ball's sacks, I thought we handled them up front. I thought Chris Singleton did a great job and has a bright future here if he keeps doing that. We moved the chains. But anytime you have four turnovers, it kind of gets overshadowed."

    "We will not quit until the season is over."

    QB Cody Pickett: "It's tough. It's tough to face the seniors after a game like this. We played hard and unfortunately we didn't come out with a win. I threw four picks tonight and that is something you cannot do in the Pac-10. It makes it tough on your team."

    On the interceptions: "The first one got tipped, I was trying to put the ball to ET on a line. The other two I was just trying to make plays to Kevin up the hash. I had hit him a couple of times earlier in the game. On the last one, it was just fourth and five I was just try not to take a sack and get it in there where someone could make a play."

    "Our line blocked well tonight, and Chris Singleton played well. He ran hard."

    "We have three more games left in our season and we're all anxious to get a win. Last year we got the wins but this year it hasn't happened. We now have to concentrate on Oregon State. There is great tradition playing football here at Washington, and we have to make it that way again."

    Pickett was fine and nursing a concussion after the game, but he would not give those as excuses. "I'm fine."

    WR Reggie Williams: "I think that the effort is there and the confidence is there. We have to suck it up next week and fight again."

    "The whole game I thought we were going to win, especially after Paul's play. I thought we had the momentum and we were going to score, but it didn't happen."

    "We gave everything we had, it's a tough way to lose. Our season is not over. I'm not concerned about Cody. He's a competitor and he'll come back and show everyone next week. He's one of the best quarterbacks in the nation." Top Stories