It all adds up

Husky faithful, never fear. A victory looms next week against those pesky Beavers! How do we know? The Super Computer has crunched all the numbers and the answer points to a Washington "W" over Oregon State.

Located deep in the heart of the UW campus, near the old nuclear reactor that was deactivated long ago, the Super Computer has been laboring endlessly, analyzing every possible aspect of this important Pac-10 match-up. The results will make Coach Neuheisel and all Husky faithful smile:

- ONE player is the total count from the State of Oregon on the Husky roster: QB Taylor Barton.
- THREE times in this match up, the Huskies have scored more than 50 points. The Beavers have never put up 50 against Washington.
- SIX times this year, punter Derek McLaughlin has pinned the opposition inside the 20-yard line.
- SEVEN different Husky defenders have interceptions this season, and Terry Johnson's was for a touchdown.
- SEVENTEEN years since Oregon State has gone into Seattle and come out with a victory.
- EIGHTEEN times Washington has held Oregon State to 0 points; that's a big goose egg on the scoreboard. The Beavers have only been able to return the favor nine times, the last being during the Kennedy Administration.
- TWENTY-ONE yards per kick return for Charles Frederick.
- TWENTY-THREE out of the last 25 times these teams have faced each other, Washington has come out with a "W".
- TWENTY-EIGHT years since Oregon State has beaten Washington in consecutive meetings.
- FIFTY-FIVE is the number of times Washington has beat up Oregon State. Oh, and before you Beaver fans get all excited, you have only won 27 times. But, hey, you did tie four other times with the Huskies.
- SIXTY-EIGHT points so far for field goal specialist John Anderson. Anderson is 14-20 in three-pointers for the season.
- SEVENTY-ONE more receiving yards and Reggie Williams will go over 1,000 for the season. The pride of Tacoma is averaging 103.2 yards per game and has 7 TDs.
- SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT is the number of points MORE scored by the Huskies in the all-time series against 'dem Beavers.
- THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY yards in the air for Cody Pickett. He's thrown 20 TDs with 11 picks, and has a 136.14 efficiency rating.
- SEVENTY-TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED seats, filled mostly with rabid Husky fans who will show the Beavers how unforgiving Puget Sound is for buck-toothed opponents. Top Stories