St. Augustine QB to visit UW this weekend

Richard Kovalcheck is a 6-3, 215-pound quarterback prospect from San Diego (Wash.) St. Augustine, and Kovalcheck is getting ready to take his third official visit, the latest one to Washington, this weekend. There's been a little shifting in Richard's top-5, with one school heading south and a couple of others moving on up.

"We're on a roll right now," Kovalcheck told last night about St. Augustine's play so far this year. "We're working well as a team. I haven't been passing as much, but we're a more balanced attack. We've won our last five game. Most of the plays have been quick passes, 3-step drops, quick 5-step drops and fire - out to the sideline or comebacks, stuff like that."

He tore his ACL at the end of last year, but Richard doesn't think about his repaired knee anymore. "I did the first game of the season, but I stopped thinking about it halfway through the second game of the season," he said. "I haven't thought about it once."

Using a basketball analogy, Kovalcheck used to be a shooting guard. As a senior, he's become much more of a distributor, more of a point guard running the offense. "Before, I was used to throwing the ball a lot and would get in a rhythm," he said. "I would be winging it around and get lots of yards but now I've had to adjust and get used to not throwing it as much because we're more balanced. When I do get the chance to throw it, I have to take advantage of it every single time. We've been real efficient on offense because we're able to pass the ball whenever we want to, to add to when we run the ball."

As you can tell, not much ruffles Richard's game, even off the field. Even with the fluid nature of recruiting, he's taking things in stride. "I haven't been surprised with anything, really," he said. "It's going really well. Colorado calls every week, Tennessee calls a lot, San Diego State every week. I might trip up to Oregon. I didn't talk to Coach (Rick) Neuheisel last week. That was the first week in a while I hadn't talked to him."

The timing is a bit odd, as Kovalcheck and his parents are all set to head to Seattle this weekend as the Huskies take on Oregon State. "I'm supposed to go to Washington, but I haven't talked to Coach Neuheisel in two weeks," he said. "My parents got their flight tickets, but I don't have mine yet. I need to get that verified with them this week sometime."

Kovalcheck has already officially visited Notre Dame (9/7) and Colorado (10/26). "They were really cool," he said of his two official visits. "I liked them. I came close to committing on my Notre Dame trip, but I didn't. I'm not really sure if it's the place for me. And with Colorado, I almost did too but I had made up my mind that I was going to take all my trips to really make sure I knew where I wanted to go. I think I'm the kind of person that, if something doesn't work out because I need to take another trip somewhere else, then it wasn't meant to be anyways."

When it comes to the Irish, Richard seems to think that ship has sailed. "They got a commitment, so I don't think I have an offer any more," Kovalcheck said. "I was a little disappointed at first, but then I was pretty relieved. My Dad was putting a lot of pressure on me for Notre Dame, but I wasn't really gung-ho on it. Everybody else says how can you turn down Notre Dame, but I wasn't going to commit there."

He's never been to Seattle, but he already feels well acquainted with the Emerald City. "I've never been up there but I hear a lot about it," Richard said. "A girl that I'm good friends with, her sister goes up there and is dating one of the football players up there." He also went to the UW-USC game in Los Angeles. "It was cool. The Huskies didn't play very well, but it was fun to go to. It's not that crazy in the Coliseum. I thought it was going to be more crazy."

Right now, Kovalcheck's top schools are Colorado, Tennessee, Washington and San Diego State.

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