First Scrimmage of Spring

It's been a while since the Huskies were in full pads. That all changed today as the players took the field and ran through a modified scrimmage in the first contact of spring. Who had a big day? Who looked good? Read on to find out...

The players ran through unit specific drills at different points on the field.

In front of us were wide receivers coach Charlie Baggett and the receivers. Anthony Boyles, Devin Aguilar, Chris Polk, Alvin Logan and D'Andre Goodwin stood out today. Actually, all the of the receivers had good days.

Baggett was really focused on getting the receivers to run a route and then adjust to the ball in the air as it was thrown over the wrong shoulder. Chris Polk looked especially good catching the ball. The kid has very, very soft hands.

Boyles is long and angular. He isn't the quickest guy to start...he's more of a long-strider...but when he gets going he runs right by guys. He's faster than his track time of 4.55 would indicate.

Logan is big. He's a physical receiver who the DBs has a tough time handling in one-on-one matchups.

Along the line the two-deeps went like this... LT: Ben Ossai, Mark Armelin
LG: Jordan White-Frisbee, Morgan Rosborough
C: Juan Garcia, Matt Sedillo
RG: Casey Bulyca, Scott Shugert
RT: Cody Habben, Skyler Fancher

DE: Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, DeShon Matthews
DT: Cameron Elisara, Johnie Kirton
DT: Tyrone Duncan, Nick Wood
DE: Darrion Jones, Kalani Aldrich

The combo of Shugert and Fancher is a nice building block for the Huskies. Both are very strong and they usually caved in their side of the line...depending on where the ball was meant to go.

Habben struggled vs. Te'o-Nesheim in the one-on-one blocking drills, but he held his own in the full-squad portion against different ends.

Elisara and Bulyca had a couple of battles that really were fun to watch. Both got the better of the other at different times.

The reciever, tight end and DB two-deeps went like this...

WR: Alvin Logan, Anthony Boyles
SB: Chris Polk, Curtis Shaw, Tony Chidiac
WR: D'Andre Goodwin, Devin Aguilar
TE: Michael Gottlieb, Chris Izbicki, Walt Winter, Romeo Savant

CB: Byron Davenport, Quinton Richardson, Marquis Persley
CB: Jordan Murchison, Matt Mosley, Vonzell McDowell
SS: Darin Harris, Victor Aiyewa, Tripper Johnson
FS: Mesphin Forrester, Nate Williams

Harris got dinged up early in the running game part of the practice and Aiyewa came in and he had a huge practice. He lit up several backs and receivers on different occasions and he brought a real physical presence to the secondary.

On one full-squad play, Locker hit Logan who then shed a tackle attempt by Persley, only to get wrapped up by Aiyewa on the sideline with a thunderous tackle. The entire defensive sideline went nuts, but Logan popped up and gave the first down signal which caused a lot of jawing between the two.

In the full-squad portion, Locker hit Goodwin between Williams and Richardson for a six-yard touchdown.

Locker also spun out of pressure from Te'o Nesheim, rolled to his left and then hit Gottleib who made a nice finger-tip grab for 20 yards.

The receivers got a lot of practice blocking on the edge and one player who Baggett was giving a lot of attention to was Polk who was struggling early on blocking the safety on outside runs. Baggett got into his grill about it and on the next play, Polk pancaked Aiyewa who was not happy with how things came out. Both had to be separated by the coaches and their teammates after some jawing.

The linebacker and running back two-deeps went pretty much like this...

WLB: Josh Gage, Chris Stevens, Cort Dennison
MLB: Donald Butler, Trenton Tuiasosopo
SLB: Mason Foster, Matt Houston

TB: Brandon Johnson, Brandon Yakaboski, Willie Griffin
FB: Paul Homer, Luke Kravitz, Austin Sylvester

Houston looks to have really put on some muscle. He was flying around and making plays. Foster was very amped up and provided a huge spark to the defense when he was on the field. He caused a fumble when he blasted Griffin in the hole. Butler was also in on the tackle and it appeared that Elisara recovered.

Butler, for his part, also was flying around and chatting it up with several players out there. He brings a real attitude to the defense and he can make plays from sideline to sideline.

He's very physical.

Gage looked good covering the tight ends.

Yakaboski had some nice physical runs between the tackles. On one play he really gave it to Tui who had filled nicely in the hole. After the first contact, Yakaboski spun out of the tackle and then was nailed by Aiyewa.

Johnson had several long runs and was given some slaps on the helmet by Brian White and Steve Gervais after he made one cut and bolted up the middle after Rosborough and Sedillo cleared a path for him. The play resulted in a 23-yard touchdown.

The tight ends played quite a bit and Chris Izbicki got a lot of attention from coach White as far as blocking is concerned. He went the wrong way once and got an earful from White, but then stood up Matthews on another play and got praise from his new position coach.

On the sidelines today were Spencer Marona, Dan Howell, Deandre Coleman, Drew Schaefer and about 60 coaches.

The Huskies have tomorrow and Monday off before they resume spring practice on Tuesday.

Head coach Tyrone Willingham did not meet with the media after practice, but did note that none of the injuries suffered during the practice (Harris and Murchison) was anything serious.

Charles Hawkins was running stairs with Hasty, Savannah and Wells because he wasn't eligible to be in full pads because he missed practice on Thursday due to a funeral.

Tobias Togi is working on his academics so he is not currently practicing. Top Stories