Husky Scrimmage Notes

It was Alumni Day at Husky practice on Saturday as there were over 100 people milling about networking and getting reacquainted with one another. On the field, they saw some big plays by both the offense and defense as the Washington football team went through a brisk two-hour workout that saw the defense have a much better day than they did in the scrimmage last week.

Standing on the sidelines today were players from recent Husky teams as well as those who have donned the purple and gold throughout the history of the program.

Louis Rankin, Ceasar Rayford, Chad Macklin, Roy Lewis, Dan Howell, Erik Lobos, Elliot Silvers, Pat Connif, Ryan Flemming (who was also a referee at the scrimmage), Jim Lambright, Tim Cowan, Mark Lee, Mark Stewart, Jared Bronson, Dave Kopay, Steve Pelluer, John Hart, Jerry Jensen, Chris Campbell, Blair Bush, Bill Cahill, Rick Redmon, Mario Bailey and many others were on hand.

Also in attendance were future Huskies Johri Fogerson, Drew Schaefer and Everette Thompson as well as Jake Heaps who was there with several other future recruits.

Ryan Tolar, Jason Wells, J.R. Hasty and E.J. Savannah all were held out of contact, but it appears the penance for Savannah and Hasty might be over as neither of them were running stairs. We will have to check with coach Tyron Willingham on Tuesday to see whether they will be practicing with the team for the remainder of spring or whether they will resume their relationship with the Husky Stadium stairs.

After "Husky Jacks", Willingham had the offense line the 45-yard line on the west side of the field and the defense line the east 45-yard line.

He then called out a player from each side and conducted what has become known as the "Husky Drill" which pits the two players up against each other in a test of strength and leverage(see our photo gallery for pictures).

To kick off the scrimmage today, the Huskies sent back Devin Aguilar and Curtis Shaw to begin practice on the kickoff return team and Aguilar was rocked on a hit by Mason Foster and he coughed up the ball, allowing Quinton Richardson to recover it and that set the tone most of the day for the defense which had a much better day than they did last week.

The defense was laying the wood most of the day with players like Tyrone Duncan, Johnie Kirton, Mason Foster, Trenton Tuiasosopo, Victor Aiyewa, Matt Mosley among others notching big hits.

The coaches gave points for stopping series on defense and points for scoring on offense. The unofficiall final score had the offense as the winner 34-31, but the defense played well and dominated the day for the most part.

On offense, Jake Locker had a decent day, hitting D'Andre Goodwin, Chris Polk, Curtis Shaw and Michael Gottlieb with nice completions.

Locker and Goodwin hooked up on several plays, but had the play of the day as Locker rolled away from pressure and kept himself alive to throw an easy 74-yard touchdown to Goodwin who had gotten behind Nate Williams for the score.

Locker also ran the ball several times for first downs, but the defense held strong on other occasions with Darrion Jones and Tuiasosopo notching sacks.

The number one offensive line looked good most of the day, even though they are still missing one of their best players as Tolar continued to sit out from contact.

In Tolar's absence, Jordan White-Frisbee continues to impress with his strength and athleticism. He and Casey Bulyca have a ton of intensity and that nasty side you like to see in an offensive lineman.

Kirton and Duncan had a big stick on Brandon Yakaboski on for a four-yard loss on a redzone play. On the play you had to feel sorry for Austin Sylvester who was pretty much rag-dolled by Duncan before Duncan and Kirton combined to put Yakaboski on the ground.

Mosley put the hit of the day on, as he crashed the corner on a running play. The redshirt sophomore corner from Arizona came hard off the edge nailing Polk, who managed to stay up, before more defenders cleaned up and dropped him for a five yard loss.

Ronnie Fouch had some nice completions, especially to Anthony Boyles, who looks like he's getting comfortable with things. Boyles had a nice grab in traffic as he split Richardson and Williams. He made the catch and then took a big lick from Williams.

The defensive line was pretty strong most of the day, not getting pushed around as much as they had the week before. Nick Wood, Duncan and Kirton held their own against the second team line. Wood has a wide base and holds strong at the point, but he'll never be mistaken as a pass rusher. That's where Duncan and Kirton come in. Both are quick with their first steps and both actually played the run pretty well. Kirton looks like he could end up being a player the Huskies count on quite a bit this fall.

On the first defensive line, the Huskies lined up Daniel Te'o-Nesheim and Jones at the end spots with DeShon Matthews and Cameron Elisara at the tackle spots. Matthews had a pretty good day getting a good push on his man, but Elisara struggled to get pressure most of the time.

Jones had a sack and Duncan had a sack as well and Kalani Aldrich had a sack when the second unit was on the field.

Tuiasosopo posted sacks on both Fouch and Locker and he also had four tackles unofficially.

Aiyewa and Williams both played well in the secondary, save the one big play from Locker to Goodwin. Both knocked around receivers all day and supported the run well.

The punt team and field goal unit both got work today and it appears that Fouch will be the number one holder if things hold true to what we saw today.

Jared Ballman had the field goal of the day, hitting a 43-yarder, but he also missed from 41. Erik Folk nailed kicks of 27 and 33. Ryan Perkins also had one that he hit from about 35 yards out and Cory Rutkowski nailed his only try, this one coming from 28 yards away.

The Huskies will take tomorrow off and then will resume practice on Monday. Top Stories