Trew still has UW on top

Kyle Trew is a 6-2, 215-pound running back/linebacker prospect from Edmonds (Wash.) Edmonds-Woodway, and Trew is finally healthy for the first time this season. A supposed hamstring problem led a chiropractor to discover Trew's hips were out of alignment, and once that problem was straightened out Kyle feels like a new man.

"It feels good to finally be healthy," he told "After every game I'm sore anyways, but it usually goes away Monday or Tuesday and I'm good to go." They play Shorewood this evening, and it's a big game for the Warriors. "If we win we go to disticts, but if we lose we're out."

While things are really heating up on the gridiron, things off of it are status-quo. "Everything is about the same as it was," Trew said when asked for a recruiting update. "I still have scholarships from Washington and Washington State, and the same schools call - Oregon, Washington and Washington State."

Kyle will be taking an official visit to Washington the weekend of December 13th. "I've talked to the coaches and that's the date they want a lot of the Washington recruits to go," he said. Casey (Tyler) and I are going to take a visit to Oregon. I'm not sure when but he's talked to some people about it. It's up in the air, but we're thinking of doing it the weekend they play U-Dub (11/16)."

And a current leader? "Probably Washington," Trew said. "I'm not thinking about it all that much. I just want to get the season back rolling again, hopefully getting in the playoffs and doing well."

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