Magee looking south?

Keandre Magee is a 6-0, 230-pound running back/linebacker prospect from Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea, and Magee and the Irish are steamrolling through the competition this year. O'Dea is 8-0 so far this year, and have only allowed a total of 28 points so far this year. An even more impressive stat is the fact that they've only allowed a maximum of 7 points in any single game this season. Will Rainier Beach break through tonight?

"We're just taking things one game at a time," Keandre told "We're playing Rainier Beach for the Metro Championship. I've been to a couple of their games and they have a young QB, a sophomore (Junior Lologo). They know about me. They're going to try to keep me away from him." Magee has been averaging roughly 8 tackles a game for O'Dea from his linebacker spot.

Recruiting has been easy for Keandre. "There's only been two schools really recruiting me," he said. "Oregon and Washington." Here are his thoughts about the two colleges.

Oregon - "Coach Zoumboukos is recruiting me. He said he likes what he's seen on film and what he's heard from the other coaches in the area that know me. As soon as they get my transcripts they are going to set up a visit for me."

Washington - "Coach (Keith) Gilbertson is the one that calls me. I go to all of their games."

Magee just sent tape out to Notre Dame and other Pac-10 schools, but the Ducks look like the team to beat. "I really want to go there," he said. "I like their program and what they do with their linebackers." He has friends on the Husky team and they've been telling him a little bit about the transition from high school to college. "Jason Benn told me that he's liking it there a lot," Keandre said. "He said that he enjoys being on the scout team. He also said that he was a little surprised during two-a-days, because he thought that the ones we had were tougher."

Keandre has also talked to another buddy - Nate Robinson. "Nate just talked about how when they practice he has to be a lot more serious than in high school," he said. "In high school, he just dominated."

Magee will be taking the SAT December 7th. "I took it before, but I'm looking for a result this time," he said. "Before, it was just so I could enroll in the Clearinghouse."

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