Jiannoni a new name to watch

Joe Jiannoni is a 6-1, 220-pound running back/linebacker prospect from La Quinta, California, and Joe tore some ligaments in his shoulder right before the season started. For almost any player, that would be it. Season over. But for Joe, there was never a question about playing, just a question of what needed to be done to make sure he could contribute as much as possible.

"I'm going to have surgery on it after the season is done," Jiannoni told Dawgman.com. "But right now I just brace it up. I'm still playing." Taking it easy just isn't in Jiannoni's dictionary. "Never ever am I going to quit the game of football. It's just who I am."

La Quinta is glad too. Joe is a big part of their team, more for his leadership qualities and his ability to motivate others. "If you talked to my teammates, they would say that I'm the leader of the whole team," he said. "I'm a crazy kid on the field, but totally different off of it." From that mindset, it's easy to see that Joe prefers defense. "I like giving hits instead of receiving them."

His last 40 time is 4.4 and his last recorded vertical jump was 31.5 inches. He benches 325 pounds, squats 490 and power cleans 245 pounds.

Has recruiting interest waned because of Joe's injury? Maybe a tad, but Pac-10 schools aren't ready to give up on Joe just yet. USC, Arizona State and Fresno State have been expressing the most interest of late, and Joe has four schools in mind when it comes to setting up official visits - Arizona State, Stanford, USC and Washington. He has no offers in writing and hasn't set up any dates yet.

Bobby Hauck is the coach recruiting Jiannoni for the Huskies. "He keeps telling me to keep my chin up on my injury and lets me know how it is up in Washington."

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