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Rick Neuheisel got to do something he hasn't been able to do since Arizona was in town back in late September. He got to sit in front of the media and talk about a win. The monkey was off the Husky coach's back for a week, and he was both relieved and elated to be back in the win column and back to .500.

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  • General Comments - Given the circumstances surrounding this ball game, I'm obviously very excited to get a win and to see us play pretty well on facets of the game. There were some breakdowns in some places but for the most part it was an all out effort and it's what I've been saying about this team for a long time now that they do give effort. When we've got guys who do that, it's a good thing to come to work everyday to have guys who keep fighting. It puts at 5-5, on our way to Eugene. I know Oregon is very, very tough; especially at home and so we have got to continue to work and continue to strive to improve and we look forward to hopefully playing well again next week in our second game against a northwest opponent.

    On sending the seniors out of Husky Stadium with a win - It's exciting for the seniors. They are obviously a group of guys who have kind of been on parts of the emotional ladder. They have been to the very top and they have been down in the lower one given coaching changes and difficulties in their senior year. They are a neat group of guys. I wish all of them had happy ending in their careers. I know it's not always possible to make that happen but they have persevered and they'll be better men for it.

    On being +5 in the turnover ratio - We've been talking about turnovers for a long time and fortunately today was the day we got our share of it. If I'm not mistaken, we did not turn the ball over. That always helps gain victory.

    On the play of the secondary - It's one game. Our secondary has certainly played better and as I said, I think that our secondary has improved over the course of the last few weeks. Now when you don't win, it's difficult to get up here and talk about improvement and have that be your story line, but I think those young players are doing some good things. Derrick Johnson looks to be rounding in form, Nate Robinson has given us a spark, James Sims is getting better every week, we got a healthier Greg Carothers today, Chris Massey obviously made a big play, so we are who we are but we'll keep trying.

    It was good coverage by our kids. I can't tell you exactly what the calls were. I think there were five of them and obviously if we picking five passes off, we're playing pretty well in the passing.

    On Derrick Johnson and the big play to OSU's James Newson - The big play that they got Derrick on, there was a big wide receiver who kind of just gave him an elbow right at the top of the route and just created some space and the ball was thrown perfectly and it was a big touchdown. But late in the game they got called for the same maneuver.

    On the trash talking from Oregon State - I don't get too involved in all that. Kids are kids. He's (Seigler) an emotional player and he's a very good player.

    Everybody knew what had been said. There are significant rivalries in the Northwest and I think it's prudent to just do it on the field and get our chance to talk with our pads. Passion that exists in the Northwest for college football is second certainly to no other area in the country. There may be more people in other areas and there may be more television coverage in other areas, but there is no more passion that exists for college football than in the Northwest of the United States of America. And because of that, these games are meaningful and people get caught up and say things and so forth, but ultimately the games are decided on the field and that's where I choose to have player focus their attention.

    On Derek McLaughlin - Derek might be a microcosm of us. We try and try and try and it just doesn't work and all of a sudden he hit that bomb that ended up down around their goal line. It's just very exciting to see him hit one like that and when you play a position such as the kicker or a punter, there is nowhere to turn. If you're not getting it done, everybody in the world knows it's you who's not getting it done. He had a lot to deal with and I'm proud of the way he handled it. I sat him for the punt of the game, and John (Anderson) did not fare much better. That is not what John does on a weekly basis, plus with the conditions being so windy and so forth, there were some technical things that needed to be known so I decided to give Derek another shot and I thought he responded pretty well. Hopefully he'll have two more good punting weeks down the stretch.

    On Chris Singleton and his injury - The term that I got earlier in the game was a slight concussion and he was cleared. Then he got kind of a shoulder stinger when he went back in the game so I just decided to let Rich Alexis see if he could keep us going. Braxton Cleman was hurt much of the week and I'm sure he could've done some things but I decided on to keep the same rotation going.

    On what he said to the team after the game - I want them to celebrate. It's fun to win. We worked hard to win, especially if a very few people gave you a chance. But we got work to do. We have to set our sites on the next opponent, who is a very formidable opponent, especially when playing in their home stadium and it will be very, very important that we go in there and play our best.

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