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The Husky players and coaches were all smiles in the locker room following the 41-29 victory over the Oregon State Beavers this afternoon. Washington needed the win to keep their post season aspirations alive, and the defense came through in spades.

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  • P Derek McLaughlin: It's been kind of a long week. When coach told me that I wasn't starting, it was kind of deflating. It's kind of hard when he's (John Anderson) your room mate and one of your best friends because you can't say ‘mess up, mess up' (tongue in cheek) so that I can get back into the game,' but you always kind of have that thought in the back of your mind but it was really windy today and things turned out well.

    On what was going through his mind after Anderson's first punt - A lot of people don't know, but John's a really good punter. He's pretty much a Mark McGwire kind of guy. You crush them like 80 yards sometimes and sometimes it's going to be like 25 yards. He didn't kick a bad one in practice at all and frankly he was making me look pretty bad because I'll kick a 45-yard punt and he'll kick an 80-yard punt. So after John's first punt, coach came up to me and said, ‘you've got it now,' so I said well I better not mess up this time so I went out there and did whatever I did.

    On his 57 yard punt: Everybody thinks that I planned that, but I really didn't. When I first kicked it, I just thought please don't go in the end zone because I knew it was going to carry pretty far with the wind that way. Wilbur (Hooks) was down there pretty quick and he picked it up. It was more coverage than anything else so kudos to the coverage team.

    On his confidence: Oh geez, like getting a monkey off your back. Guys in the locker room were supportive all week and I think the coaches were just setting up a challenge and I ‘m glad that I could rise to the occasion today.

    OL Khalif Barnes - Their trash talk gave us a little spice in our tempo and we can't take too much into what the other team is saying but it's definitely noticeable. I think if you are on the opposite team receiving the talking, if you go out there and match their tempo not with talking back but with your pads, it kind of reacts against them. I like when teams do that. It fuels me up and makes me play hard.

    On LB Richard Seigler - He did get less and less quiet. At the beginning of the game you hear chatter from everybody and once you beat them by pads and light up the scoreboard, all that talking ceases. He was pretty much quiet throughout the third and fourth quarter so we're kind of happy to hear about that.

    On an incident in the tunnel before the game - I don't know if they tried to show disrespect or not, but a few players tried to walk up the tunnel when we were trying to get up there and that of thing happens in this sport. That kind of ignited me and few of my teammates, and so instead of talking back and getting into a verbal confrontation, we went out there and did it on the field. There were no pushing but referees and our coaches separated us and had them go up the tunnel first so there would be no physical altercations. We are a very classy program and we wouldn't let it get to any physical altercations in the first place so it's in all competitive sports. Competitors want to compete and that's just the nature of the sport. By no means do I hate anybody at Oregon State or physically get into an altercation or do battle with them. It's just something that happens in athletics.

    CB Chris Massey - It was definitely big time. It definitely gave us a lot of confidence in going into these next two games. We got two big road games coming up and it's going to be tough. There's definitely a chance we can go 7-5 and into a bowl game. We got two big road games but we're going to do it. We had a lot of disguises in coverage. I think we had him a little confused. It was the game plan to try and confuse him. We knew he was a young quarterback and we tried to confuse him a little bit and maybe get him off his game.

    WR Charles Frederick - It feels great with the win that we got. Everybody is happy we got the win and we just have to come out on Monday and work harder. The difference in the game plan was to have less turnovers and mistakes and to go out there and compete as hard as they can.

    On OSU's trash talk - They were doing that but I'm not a big talker myself so I wasn't worried about it really. I was just going with the game plan, just go out and play.

    On the big kickoff return - The wedge told me they were going to give me a hole but it was going to close quickly, so I said, ‘If I get it, I'm going to take it.' It was there so I took it. Wilbur (Hooks) was directing me inside because he didn't see the guy coming from behind me because he was trying to block the kicker. It was a good run. Next time, I'll get a little further.

    LB Ben Mahdavi This win is huge. You always want to go out on a good note and we did that. Hopefully we'll keep rolling through these last two games. Hopefully it'll give us momentum going into Oregon. I guess it hasn't really sunk in yet. I grew up watching games here and I played here for five years and it's kind of crazy that these home games aren't going to happen anymore for me unless I'm just a fan so I'll keep playing as hard as I can. We got two more games on the road but they're not too far from home so hopefully I can make those home games.

    On his interception - They had three receivers and I tried to wall the number three receivers and I saw a couple going behind me so I just flattened out and made a play there.

    TB Chris Singleton - On his injury - I was anxious to run the screen and I was waiting for it all week. I knew it was going to be a big play for me. It fell off my fingers and I bent over to get the ball and got hit in the head. My upper body went numb for a bit but it was alright. My shoulder is going to alright. It's not going to be a problem at all.

    Any win is going to build a confidence. We've been down for a little bit and forgot what it tastes like to get a win. So we're back in the swing of things and we're just going to continue to work hard.

    CB Derrick Johnson - I had one pick and he (OSU WR James Newson) had one touchdown, so I was telling everyone that I had to get it back. I was able to make a play and get it back. On the play, the quarterback was scrambling and he decided to throw the ball back across the field. I was happy, my eyes got wide, and I was like, ‘I'm getting this one and taking it to the house.'"

    It gave us a lot of confidence. When u get a pick that early in the game, the DB's and the rest of team are just pumped up and it gets our momentum and we take it forward the rest of the game. We're very excited and our run defense is very good and we're just excited to play every week. We're ready to take on anything and anyone and we're up for the challenge.

    DT Terry Johnson Whenever you're working hard and trying to get to the quarterback it's going to be a scene. You have to know what to do and the first time I got there, I didn't break my feet down and get the sack, but I made sure I put a big hit on him.

    On OSU's Trash Talk: That's just our game. We're not going to just let anybody come in here and say what they want to in our face and tell us this and that so we just went out there and played hard and we just played the game within the game and it worked out good for us. That was a part of our motivation to get us going. We used what he said to get us going and we were really fired up before the game and we felt that anytime someone disrespects you like that you have to go out there and show them not we're not to be disrespected. When things get going the way they are supposed to be, good things happen.

    Steven Jackson, he's big. He's as big as some linemen I've seen it seems like. He breaks tackles and I've got to credit. He's a really good back and he has real good balance. I congratulate his effort because he's probably the best we've seen thus far.

    Secondary coach Bobby Hauck - There's some pushing and shoving goes on. Sometimes it gets called, sometimes it doesn't. Usually it gets called on the defense so that's kind of the world the cornerback lives in.

    The two times they went at Derrick early, he made them pay obviously with the interception. When you are in press coverage, they can't get the safeties cracked. This is a team that is determined to run the ball so we kind of put it on Derrick and matched him with their best receiver. I was impressed with the way the kids played. The kids answered the challenge. I think we are young group getting better. Everybody in the room believes we are getting better and I will say that on the two touchdowns that Tim Hundly made great calls. The quarterback was completely confused and he made the perfect calls for what Oregon State gave him. The kids executed.

    Nate is a talented young guy. It's usually the case in true freshmen is that they're going to take their lumps and they're going to get better. He's gotten better every week and to his credit, he's growing as a football player on and off the field. I'm impressed with the way he played tonight. I'm enthused with the way that's going.

    K John Anderson - It's a huge win for us. In the Michigan game, we played well together and we played real hard but we lost. This was the first game where we played as a team 100% and got a win. I think this is exactly what this football team needed.

    It was tougher in the beginning than it was as the end. People outside the program don't know how special it is to devote so much of your life to a program like this. To be able to end it the way we did was just incredible. I'm happy. It's been a great experience. It's been an incredible experience.

    On John Anderson the punter - It didn't work. Derek realized that he has to kick or he is going to get replaced. That's exactly what happened today. I'm so happy for Derek. He went out and responded to the coaches' challenge and it worked.

    On why he didn't kick a second punt - I asked. We enter a point where the winds are blowing 25 yard and I was like, ‘OK. Derek can punt the rest of the way.

    QB Cody Pickett - Our kids played great today. I think it makes things a lot easier on the offense not only when they stop people but also when they score touchdowns. Our defense played great today especially our secondary.

    For me personally, I just tried to stay patient. That's one thing when you get behind or whatever; I just try force the issue and put myself in bad situations. I threw the ball away a couple times but it's hard as the competitor in me wants to try to go out and make plays every time but you have to play smart. I just tried to take what they gave me and if I didn't have anything, I just threw the ball away and tried to stay away from bad situations.

    The Washington-Oregon rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries, especially in the Pac-10. It feels great to beat Oregon State today. If you could beat anybody, Oregon State is definitely a team you want to beat. They have a good defense. We just came out and played better than they did today. So it was a good feeling today because they talk so much

    On becoming #1 all-time in UW passing yards - I didn't even know that. It's great to get a win. We've thrown for a lot of yards in some games and lost this year so the yards are just the icing on the cake. But the main thing is to get a win.

    On Richard Seigler - He talks the WHOLE game. It's just like a recording. You just block it out. We have turf here. We don't have mud. His comments about the mud, you know we're going to move on but we do have Astroturf here. He was still talking to me as I was taking a knee and afterwards, he just said ‘Good job,' and I told him the same. It's just a part of the game. He just takes it to the extreme. You would think that when the game is over like that you wouldn't want to talk a lot but he definitely had some things to say. He can talk all he wants. I don't need to say anything. We won. Our goal is to win. He can be the one talking and we can be the one winning.

    WR Reggie Williams - Yeah they were talking a lot smack during the whole week and they were talking the whole game and before the game we just had to go out and shut 'em up and get a win.

    It gives us a lift when the defense plays well. Everybody gets excited and it gives us a chance to get back on to the field so it's definitely a plus. We executed better and we stayed focused we knew last week that we turned the ball over and we chalked up a loss so we just kept the game in our hands and we got the win.

    If the talk made them more focused - I don't know if it made us more focused. It definitely made us a little angrier with all the disrespect that was going on so we just had to come out and prove a point today.

    On relaxing on Sunday Yeah now that you guys aren't going to write crappy stuff about us, I can read the paper and Dawgman.com and smile tomorrow.

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