Spring Game - Willingham Quotes

Washington wrapped up spring practice on Saturday with their annual Spring Game and head coach Tyrone Willingham met with the press afterwards to give his thoughts on a number of subjects.

On what he was looking for from spring ball: "We were pretty fortunate to come out healthy today and that probably wasn't the first goal because the first goal was probably the intensity of what we do, because that has everything to do with football, so when you can come out and play intense you establish the right things and usually when you do that, that usually allows you to not get hurt.

On what he saw during the spring game: "It really confirmed what I've seen. I think we talked earlier this week was that our defense, we thought, especially up front might have been pushed around by a more experienced offensive line and you didn't see that because we pretty much had our one's going against our one's and our two's going against our two's and so it was a pretty even split and I think you saw them hold their own and I think you saw our secondary make some plays, even though we had a couple times where guys were behind them, but we had our receivers make some outstanding plays, so I think it confirms what we said there.

"I think we said our receiver corps was young and inexperienced, but we thought they could make some plays and I think you saw them make some plays, so it's been a good spring and it fits with what we've said all along."

On some answers from the 15 practices: "Hopefully we have an understanding of where we need to go and maybe things are a little bit clearer now. For coaches, there'll be personnel decisions that will be clear and there'll be a better understanding of our defense which will help our defensive team grow so we had an education take place this spring that will help us in all areas.

On something he saw today that he was disappointed with: "I don't think my kickers kicked as well as I'd like them to today. They've had some good days during spring, but we just didn't see the fruits of their work today."

On the freshman's (Polk, Boyles and Aguilar) performance: "They made some plays. Obviously they didn't get their numbers called as much as we wanted to or they wanted to, but we saw them make some plays and at times we saw them do what freshman do. I think one of them dropped a pass or two somewhere in there. We had a couple of passes dropped and one of our more experienced players dropped a pass, but they have been right no track and we need them to continue to grow and to understand what it takes to be a collegiate football player and how hard they have to work to get to the top."

On Jake Locker's improvement: "I won't put a percentage on or try to rate it, but I thought it was very obvious that he knows what he's doing now and it comes to him a lot easier. I thought your two quarterbacks passed the ball very well. I thought there were three passes where the ball wasn't exactly where it needed to be, but for the most part they were catchable balls where guys should have caught them."

On the penalties: "That was bothersome because that's not like us. In the three years I've been here, we've been either second or first in this conference in fewest penalties and that's been a tradition for our football teams in the 13 years I've been a head coach, so I'm not alarmed, but disappointed and we'll be back because our guys know what kind of a team we are."

On Chris Izbicki: "We've been pleased with Michael Gottlieb and Chris Izbicki and overall our tight ends. I think they've done a good job. Chris should be stepping forward and making some plays and stepping up his game."

On what the coaches are looking for from their players: "What we're looking for from every position, quarterback, running back, whatever it doesn't matter we are looking to put the best player on the field. That doesn't necessarily mean you are doing bad things, it might mean that somebody else is doing better things."

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