Spring Game - Assistant and player quotes

After 15 practices the Washington players and coaches are ready to head to the offseason. However, they took the time to talk about spring and the spring game that was won by the Gold team 10-7.

Offensive coordinator Tim Lappano

On the quarterbacks' performance: "I think they both threw the ball really well. They both had a couple of passes dropped, but that's what happens when you have a lot of young kids right now. They'll get over that so I'm not worried about it, but they threw it really well and the thing that we've got to learn and we can teach off of this is we made a lot of mistakes on getting as far as getting line up. We had a lot of receivers not understanding who's on and who's off still and that cost the purple team the game because we had a first down and were driving, but overall I thought we went after it pretty good.

"I was really excited about the way Ronnie and Jake ran things today."

On calling plays: "I called four. What we've done the past two years is I like to have our assistants do it and then I can ask them ‘what the hell are you doing?', ‘what are you thinking about and why are you calling that play'. It was Mike Denbrock and Luke Huard with the one's in the first half against Brian White and Stever Gervais and then I switched them so they both got to work with the one's and the two's."

On Jake changing plays: "His job is not to get into an audiblizing contest, but to take us out of a potentially bad play. We have an overplay and we have a reverse into it then he's gotta get us out of something like that and he can do that. We went through the whole spring without calling a Jake Locker run."

On his comfort level with the quarterbacks: "I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that Ronnie Fouch can play. Ronnie Fouch can hold his own. There might be a time when Jake needs to sit down and rest or something or we don't want to get him banged up and Ronnie Fouch is good enough to go in there and win with and I feel really good about what he's done the past couple weeks. The first week he struggled a little bit and I was a little bit concerned and then he got better in the last two scrimmages and today was probably his best day as a Husky. He operated really well out there and I really liked his poise and presence out there and his leadership and he's got a lot of good intangibles that you like in a quarterback and I'm really impressed pleased with the progress he's made since the first day he's got here."

On the receivers' day: "You can tell they were a little bit nervous. They didn't get lined up right sometimes and they dropped some balls, but they made some plays too and D'Andre Goodwin had a good day and he's been doing that, every time we've scrimmaged he's been a big-play guy and caught touchdown passes. In the redzone we want to call his number and he told me he'd score and he did, so he's been really consistent."

On Juan Garcia being gone from the lineup: "It starts up front with Juan, because he makes the calls. He calls the protections and things like that so that's critical. He such a good player you hate to lose him. I'm not saying he's done. I'm being positive here and you never know, because if that thing heals in the next five weeks on its own, then he's going to play, but if he doesn't play then we have to get the best guys out there and we have to make a decision on who's going to go there and we'll still be ok, but when you lose somebody like that if you start losing another one, like a tackle or guard or something, no you become pretty vulnerable because you have some dropoff."

On the defense: "Our linebackers can run and our back four is better right now. I like what we've done with our corners, we're putting big corners up there, so we're going to be better on defense than people think so I'm fired up about what they've done this spring."

Offensive line coach Mike Denbrock

On Garcia being out: "It was difficult. It's tough to look across the sideline to see him on crutches and know that he's got to struggle to get back and it's a big hole to fill on a lot of different fronts. I thought the two kids who played for us today – Matt Sedillo and Greg Christine – did a nice job, but there's an awful big hole there."

On making the line calls and adjustments: "It's very difficult because we put a lot on the center. Different teams do it different ways, but a lot of our communication that takes place starts with the center and he's the one responsible for adjusting us and making certain calls at certain times to make sure we're in the right protection scheme and blocking the right people."

On Sedillo being ready: "I think Matt Sedillo is ready, number one, and number two I'd say we're going to do whatever is the best thing for our football team so if there's someone who's more ready than Matt Sedillo, come fall camp or during fall camp as it sorts itself out, that's the person that will be in there playing and that could be a number of different guys. We're going to make sure that those guys are working this summer to step in and take that role."

On the line overall: "I'm relatively happy. We've got a lot of work to do technique-wise. We've got to do a lot better pass-protection-wise, I think than we did a year ago and even what we did this spring. I like our run-blocking. I think we can be a powerful football team and we can get after people running the football, but we've got to do better at protecting Jake and giving him some time to throw the football."

QB Ronnie Fouch

On feeling more comfortable: "Today I just cleared my mind and I just wanted to go out there and compete. That's the main thing I was worried about. I wasn't worried about my form, I was just wanted to go out there have fun and win the game."

On his progress: "I just never gave up and just kept fighting and kept working on my mechanics and having fun and competing."

QB Jake Locker

On the pressure of being the starting quarterback: "At the end of the day, I'm just going out to do the things I set out to do and achieve the goals that have been placed on me, but from last year my accuracy and being a big leader on this team and being more consistent."

On the spring game gameplan: "We did a little bit more than we did last year so that was nice, but it's tough because we didn't have any quarterback runs and that was a good portion of our offense last year so it's different, but we had plenty of offense in to have success today, but we moved the ball and I thought we did a good job today."

<>On his comfort level: "I was really comfortable this year after having a year of experience and seeing the defenses we saw this year. I just felt comfortable and confident when I was delivering the ball and I think that was one of the most important things in being more accurate this year."

On his offseason plans: "I'm going to throw as much as I can and get the comfort and timing down with these receivers and be able to go into the fall with where everybody's at and making sure we're on the same page."

LB E.J. Savannah

On being behind the rest of the players in learning the defense: "That's what hurt me the most was just not getting the week-and-a-half of install. I wasn't even in meetings because I was working out then, so that was our second workout that you guys saw us running stadium stairs, but we were in good shape when we came back, I can say that."

On the new defense: "The linebackers get a little bit more freedom in this defense and if you see run, you're going to go attack it. We will kind of leave our safeties out of the play a little more and make the play. It's definitely a linebacker defense. The linebackers will make most of the plays this year, which is good."

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