Reffett will get answer Friday hooked up with Jordan Reffett this morning, and Jordan got us up to date with what he's been doing this fall. You would have thought the Washington signee would have been at Husky Stadium Saturday, cheering on his friend to a 41-29 victory over Oregon State, but noooooo! Guess where the former east-sider was?

"I just got back from Pullman," Reffett said. "I went to the Oregon-Washington State game with some friends." Then, spoken like a true Husky, "I'm still pissed the Cougars won. But it's good that both Washington teams won this weekend."

Jordan moved from Moses Lake to Gig Harbor, and immediately felt the effects of not being around his circle of friends. That didn't stop him from keeping his eye on the ball and working toward his eventual goal - entrance into the University of Washington. "I didn't have my buddies around, so I just kept lifting weights and I started working construction. I also took a three-hour college prep class every Saturday. In fact I just took the SAT Novemeber 2nd and then went to the UCLA game right after that. I guess it was poetic justice for me, seeing my peers out there playing. I can't wait to run through that tunnel and hear 70,000 Husky fans going crazy."

Reffett only needs 50 points on his test to ensure enrollment. "I feel confident about it," he said. "When I took that test, I feel like I took care of business."

He hears from Husky defensive line coach Randy Hart weekly and from Head Coach (Rick) Neuheisel every once in a while, "Just to make sure my nose is clean," Jordan said with a laugh.

Washington has to treat Reffett like a recruitable athlete, because he is. And in fact, when word got out he wasn't going to qualify in the summer, colleges got in line to try and grab Jordan for their own. He would have nothing of it."

"The thing was, everyone though the U-Dub had messed something up, but they didn't," Jordan said. Washington State, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Idaho and Eastern Washington all called with offers in hand, but Reffett let them know he wasn't interested. "For a couple of weeks there were a lot of calls, but I told them all that I wanted to be a Dawg," he said.

Watching Washington up close and personal this fall, Jordan knows his mission is clear. "I've made a decision that I want to play next year," he said. "Something good needs to happen, because I don't like it when we're losing. I've been emailing Steve Emtman recently, and we're going to hook up and start working. He's going to show me what it takes for me to get to that next level."

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