Johnson back from visit

Aaron Johnson is a 6-6, 250-pound athlete from Fairfield (Calif.) Armijo, and he wasn't feeling too good on Sunday. He was away from home, in a new environment and he was sick. But he was still having a good time. See, he was on his second official visit, this one to the University of Washington, where they defeated Oregon State 41-29.

Johnson flew into Seattle Saturday morning, where he got his visit off to a quick start. "We went to the game and watched the game," Aaron told today. "I loved the stadium. It's a beautiful stadium. We went into the team room after the game and Coach Neuheisel was in the room, getting everybody pumped up."

Will Conwell was Aaron's player host. "He knew what he was doing," Johnson said of the true frosh from Kent. "He said he loved the University of Washington. He showed me around, showed me what college life is all about."

The player that made the biggest impression on Aaron? Reggie Williams. "I had heard a lot about him for the last couple of years, and so it was nice to meet a great football player like him," he said. "It was pretty impressive."

Johnson hooked up with the other official visitor for the weekend, Richard Kovalcheck and went with family, players and coaches to a favorite Husky haunt - the Metropolian Grill. There, he had a Porterhouse that took up the entire plate. "I think that was the best steak I've ever had in my life," he said.

"We just hung out after that, but then I got the flu. I wasn't feeling good all day Sunday. We went to the Space Needle for brunch. I didn't eat that much."

He did, however, get to spend some valuable face time with the coaches, and they were able to give him the lowdown on where they envision him fitting into the program. "They just were saying how they would really like for me to come play for them, come play for the team," he said. "They talked about how great the school is and how great the players are."

Any pressure to make a decision? "No pressure."

And how did it compare to his first official visit to Washington State? "The University of Washington isn't really set up for in-season visits," Aaron said. "Washington State takes in-season visits, so they were really set up for it. But I wasn't there for the coaches or the players. I just wanted to see what it was like. If it had been an off-season visit, I bet U-Dub would have been the better visit."

Johnson has two more visits set up, one to Oregon State (11/23) and Arizona (12/6). According to Aaron, a decision may happen soon after his final official trip. "I'm probably not that far away," he said, referencing a timetable for his announcement. "I'll probably decide in December.

"I'll be thinking about the atmosphere, the players' love for the coaches and the coaches' love for the players, the facilities and the people that are there."

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