Seely gets healthy and talks recruiting

Heading into the evaluation period, it was pretty well-known that the Huskies were looking to bring in a few linebackers in the 2009 class. Kamiak LB Marcel Seely was considered on of the best on the west coast until he tore two ligaments in his left knee before his junior season. Now he's on the long road to recovery, but he's starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

"I just started doing squats again and I'm working out four days a week now," Seely told recently. "I hadn't been able to do squats in a long time, so it feels really good and I'm working really hard to get my strength back.

"Sometimes, me and some of the other guys get together to run basketball or do seven-on-sevens to get some cardio and I wear my brace and it feels pretty good. If there's a little swelling then I just ice it and let it rest for a day and then it's fine.

"I actually talk with my trainer all the time about things, to make sure I'm not pushing myself too fast and to make sure I'm not hurting it again. It's just a matter of helping my knee to recognize that's a new ligament in there so it's just a slow and long process, but it's fine. I meet with the doctor who performed the surgery next week and I'll find out how it's progressing, but I think I'm doing well and I'm ahead of schedule in my mind."

After he got the surgery, Seely lost about 20 pounds due to an allergic reaction from the pain medication and he's been very focused on regaining the weight he lost while also bulking back up for what he hopes will be a banner senior season.

"I'm back to 205 right now and I wanted to play at about 210 or 215 so I should get that pretty easily," Seely said. "I also need to get my strength back and that's coming along as well. It's just about being diligent and doing the work I'm supposed to do. I'll get there."

On the recruiting front, Seely has seen a handful of coaches come through his school meeting with his head coach Dan Mack.

"Coach (Chris) Tormey from Washington was up here last week and he told my coach he really liked me a lot and was going to be in contact with me," Seely said. "Idaho was here, Washington State was here earlier this week, Boise State was here and I think Oregon and Oregon State will be stopping by pretty soon.

"They usually tell my coach that if I need to talk to them or whatever, that I can call them at any time. They said they can't call me right now, but I can call them all I want and I'm planning to get in touch with them soon and just make sure everything is cool and talk about recruiting and stuff like that."

Seely was able to take in Washington's spring game on April 26th and he came away impressed with what he saw.

"Well, I only stayed there until about halftime because it was hot out there," Seely said with a laugh. "I had a jacket and a sweatshirt on and it was really hot and stuff, so I left at halftime, but from what I saw they looked pretty good.

"I think they are going to have a good season and they have some definite playmakers out there who are young, but they are really good. I'll be at a lot of games this fall and I can't wait to check them out against some of those teams on their schedule."

As far as camps are concerned, Seely is hoping to make it to at least a few.

"I need to check out which ones are full-contact and whatever," Seely said. "I'm not going to be doing full-contact stuff, but I want to go to some of the one-day camps and just work out for the coaches so they can see that I'm healing well and they don't have to worry about things.

"Boise State and Washington State both have one-day camps so I'm going to find out the dates on that and then Idaho and Washington are other ones I want to make sure about. I need to check the dates and make sure it doesn't conflict with anything, so I'm going to sit down here pretty soon and figure things out."

We'll have more from Seely in the coming weeks as things begin to heat up with his recruitment.

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