Dawgman.com 101 (Updated 11/12)

It's time again for a re-ranking of the Dawgman.com 101, a list put together that ranks the top high school prospects from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii. A new name tops the list this time around, and for good reason. He's led his team to two semi-finals in the past two years and is well on his way to taking them to the big dance again for the third year in a row. His name? Johnny DuRocher.

Here are the rankings:

1. QB Johnny DuRocher (Bethel HS) Spanaway, WA 6-4/205/4.78 - Committed to Oregon
2. QB Ryan Gunderson (Central Catholic HS) Portland, OR 6-5/220/4.8 - Committed to Oregon State
3. DB Derrick Bradley (Kamiak HS) Mukilteo, WA 5-10/175/4.4 - Committed to Washington
4. DT Tolifili Liufau (Saint Louis School) Honolulu, HI 6-2/295/5.0
5. LB Tahj Bomar (Kentwood HS) Kent, WA 6-2/210/4.6 - Committed to Washington
6. WR Craig Chambers (Henry M Jackson HS) Mill Creek, WA 6-5/190/4.45 - Committed to Washington
7. LB Andy Darkins (Lake Oswego HS) Lake Oswego, OR 6-3/225/4.8
8. OL Roy Scheuning (Pendleton HS) Pendleton, OR 6-4/275/5.0
9. S/ATH Jordan Carey (Capital HS) Olympia, WA 6-0/190/4.5 - Committed to Oregon
10. DB/ATH Cody Ellis (Puyallup HS) Puyallup, WA 6-0/160/4.34 - Committed to Washington
11. RB/ATH Anthony Russo (Lakes HS) Lakewood, WA 5-11/185/4.5
12. TE Casey Tyler (Edmonds HS) Edmonds, WA 6-6/265/4.8
13. RB Todd Basler (Elma HS) Elma, WA 6-2/220/4.8
14. OL Josh Tschirgi (Skyview HS) Vancouver, WA 6-4/275/5.17
15. WR Jason Rivers (Saint Louis School) Honolulu, HI 6-2/185/4.5
16. LB Kyle Trew (Edmonds-Woodway HS) Edmonds, WA 6-2/210/4.7
17. QB Alex Brink (Henry D Sheldon HS) Eugene, OR 6-3/180/4.79
18. QB Brian Foreman (Skyline HS) Issaquah, WA 6-3/205/4.9
19. LB Zach Hagemeister (Lebanon Union HS) Lebanon, OR 6-4/235/4.7 - Committed to Oregon State
20. S Jordan Senn (Beaverton HS) Beaverton, OR 5-11/185/4.45
21. OL Brett Thielke (Skyline HS) Issaquah, WA 6-5/285/5.1
22. LB Blake Wong (Iolani School) Honolulu, HI 6-1/205/4.6
23. LB Dante Rosario (Dayton HS) Dayton, OR 6-3/215/4.62 - Committed to Oregon
24. TE Jason Goodman (CM Russell HS) Great Falls, MT 6-4/230/4.8
25. TE Keith Robertson (Lake Oswego HS) Lake Oswego, OR 6-3/220/4.7
26. RB Akeem Anthony (Lakes HS) Lakewood, WA 5-4/155/4.4
27. ATH Nick Dissly (Bozeman HS) Bozeman, MT 6-4/200/4.5
28. RB Brandon Markey (O'Dea HS) Seattle, WA 6-0/202/4.51
29. WR Brandon Burmeister (Mercer Island HS) Mercer Island, WA 6-5/185/4.6
30. OL Viliamu Kuaea (Lakes HS) Lakewood, WA 6-4/315/4.8
31. OL R.J. Willing (Kamehameha HS) Honolulu, HI 6-4/290/5.0
32. S James Day (Mountain View HS) Vancouver, WA 6-0/200/4.6
33. RB Keandre Magee (O Dea HS) Seattle, WA 6-0/220/4.7
34. WR/S David Lewis (Bethel HS) Spanaway, WA 6-0/180/4.55
35. WR/CB Whitney Wilson (Kamiak HS) Mukilteo, WA 5-9/170/4.4
36. TE/ATH Joey Henley (Kentridge HS) Kent, WA 6-4/210/4.7
37. S Zach Bowman (Bartlett HS) Anchorage, AK 6-1/185/4.5
38. RB Victor Valle (South Kitsap HS) Port Orchard, WA 5-8/165/4.38
39. DB Scott Zellers (Lewis and Clark HS) Spokane, WA 5-11/190/4.3
40. TE Pat So'oalo (Kailua HS) Kailua, HI 6-5/235/4.8
41. DT Chad Sutter (River Ridge HS) Lacey, WA 6-2/265/5.0
42. OL Jacob Bouge (University HS) Spokane, WA 6-4/260/5.0
43. LB Nick Fuhr (Service HS) Anchorage, AK 6-2/220/4.7
44. QB/ATH Kyle Kendrick (Mount Vernon HS) Mount Vernon, WA 6-3/180/4.6
45. RB Josh Bousman (Tacoma Baptist HS) Tacoma, WA 6-2/205/4.6
46. QB Ben Huebschman (Mountain View HS) Vancouver, WA 6-3/210/4.9
47. QB/ATH Jason Morris (Henry M Jackson HS) Mill Creek, WA 6-0/170/4.47
48. QB/ATH Jeff Wells (Lakes HS) Lakewood, WA 6-2/200/4.6
49. ATH Tu Tui (Kahuku HS) Kahuku, HI 6-1/195/4.5
50. LB Ted Edwards (Kelso HS) Kelso, WA 6-2/220/4.74
51. WR Brig Walker (Evergreen HS) Vancouver, WA 6-0/180/4.5
52. DE Jeff Dicks (Bellevue HS) Bellevue, WA 6-3/240/5.1
53. WR/ATH Andre Piper-Jordan (Federal Way HS) Federal Way, WA 5-10/175/4.5
54. DE Karl Noa (Kamehameha Secondary School) Honolulu, HI 6-2/215/4.65
55. WR Jesse Clark (Mt Spokane HS) Mead, WA 6-1/175/4.5
56. DB Josh Baird (Mountain View HS) Vancouver, WA 5-10/170/4.5
57. DB Viliami Nauahi (Kahuku HS) 6-2/200/4.5
58. LB Mike Proulx (Henry D Sheldon HS) Eugene, OR 6-2/220/4.75
59. QB Brian Nooy (Pendleton HS) Pendleton, OR 6-4/180/4.7
60. TE Derek Schoumann (Eagle HS) Eagle, ID 6-2/218/4.50
61. LB Adam Hunter (Fife HS) Fife, WA 6-2/230/4.8
62. OL Adonal Airington Jr. (Clackamas HS) Milwaukee, OR 6-9/350/5.9
63. QB/ATH Casey Waddell (Walla Walla HS) Walla Walla, WA 6-4/205/4.8
64. RB Carl Appleton (Central Catholic HS) Portland, OR 6-4/218/4.7
65. TE John Markus Pinard (Bellevue HS) Bellevue, WA 6-5/236/4.87
66. LB Chad Adams (Dimond HS) Anchorage, AK 6-0/220/4.7
67. OL Aaron Gilbert (Thomas Jefferson HS) Auburn, WA 6-3.5/305/5.1
68. OL Erik Bergland (Beaverton HS) Beaverton, OR 6-6/280/5.1
69. OT Michael Cole (Lake Oswego HS) Lake Oswego, OR 6-6/250/4.9
70. TE Colin Whitney (Lake City HS) Coeur d Alene, ID 6-5/225/4.9
71. LB Kala Ka'aihue (Iolani School) Honolulu, HI 6-1/220/4.6
72. DE Dan Gore (Prosser HS) Prosser, WA 6-5/240/5.0
73. LB Demarcus White (Central Catholic HS) Portland, OR 6-2/200/4.65
74. LB Jon Conlon (Vancouver College Prep) Vancouver, BC 6-2/220/4.75
75. QB Ben Shelton (Lincoln HS) Tacoma, WA 6-5/200/4.9
76. RB/ATH Anthony Dotson (Federal Way HS) Federal Way, WA 5-10/185/4.5
77. RB/S CJ Marsh (Henry M Jackson HS) Mill Creek, WA 6-1/180/4.5
78. LB Andrew Sund (South Kitsap HS) Port Orchard, WA 6-1/200/4.9
79. LB Derrik Shockman (Curtis Senior HS) Tacoma, WA 6-1/210/4.7
80. DB Epaphroditus Gordon (Hudson's Bay HS) Vancouver, WA 5-11/175/4.6
81. LB Lee Driftmier (Bellevue HS) Bellevue, WA 6-2/225/4.8
82. OL Drew Hansen (Southridge HS) Kennewick, WA 6-8/270/5.6
83. DE Apelu Alailefaleula (Bartlett HS) Anchorage, AK 6-3/250/4.8
84. DT Richy Mulcahy (Henry M Jackson HS) Mill Creek, WA 6-4/265/4.9
85. QB Bobby George (Saint Louis School) Honolulu, HI 6-0/180/4.8
86. LB Timo Paepule (Saint Louis School) Honolulu, HI 6-1/195/4.6
87. OL Zach Schmich (Clackamas HS) Milwaukee, OR 6-5/300/5.2
88. QB Chris Peerboom (Jesuit HS) Portland, OR 6-2/175/4.7
89. OL Drew Fowler (Kentwood HS) Kent, WA 6-5/250/5.6
90. DB Konrad Wasiela (Vancouver College Prep) Vancouver, BC 5-10/160/4.5
91. QB J.T. Zink (Curtis Senior HS) Tacoma, WA 6-2/185/4.5
92. DE Gabe Smith (Henry D Sheldon HS) Eugene, OR 6-2/235/4.7
93. QB Cory Carpenter (The Dalles HS) The Dalles, OR 6-1/175/4.7
94. LB Derek Coxson (Lakes HS) Lakewood, WA 6-1/200/4.6
95. QB/ATH Mookie Foreman (Spanaway Lake HS) Spanaway, WA 6-0/180/4.4
96. S Matt Culver (Punahou School) Honolulu, HI 6-2/190/4.48
97. RB O.J. Washington (Curtis Senior HS) Tacoma, WA 5-10/175/4.5
98. WR Scott Selby (Castle Rock HS) Castle Rock, WA 6-1/175/4.5
99. S/ATH Andrew Gohl (Wenatchee HS) Wenatchee, WA 6-2/205/4.7
100. QB Jared Bronson (Thomas Jefferson HS) Auburn, WA 6-4/205/4.85
101. LB Brody O'Connor (Skyline HS) Issaquah, WA 6-0/200/4.7

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