Leonard: "I can't wait to get there"

It's been a while since we've been able to catch up with former Evergreen and future Washington QB Luther Leonard. After helping lead the Wolverines to two state playoff berths, Leonard is ready to take his game to the college level. He updated us on things including how his track season went and what he's focused on for the next six weeks.

"I just finished track up a week ago, so I'm really starting to focus now on getting back into football shape," Leonard told Dawgman.com recently. "Since I was running track, I didn't really focus on anything but running, so this past weekend I really did that at the Barton camp."

Leonard, who has been attending the Barton Passing camps since he was an eighth-grader, spend a lot of time running with the wide receivers which led us to ask if there was a position change in the offing.

"I did about half and half at quarterback and wide receiver, but it was just because I wanted to get a good cardio workout and stuff like that," Leonard said with a chuckle. "I'm a QB and that's what I'm going to U-Dub to play. I like just getting out and running around and having fun and that's what that was all about."

During his track season, Leonard put up impressive times while running the 400 as well as a leg of the 4 x 100.

"My best times were 53 in the 400 and my split time was an 11.1 in the 4 X 100," Leonard said.

Leonard is an excellent student, so he hasn't needed to worry about qualifying for some time and because of that, he's been able to bond with some of his 2008 classmates the past couple months.

"Cody Bruns came over and we kicked it for a couple of days," Leonard said. "Me and him and Jermaine Kearse went out and threw routes and just hung out together.

"I think our whole class is pretty much bought in and we've all bonded together. It's been a fun four years of high school, but I can't wait to get up there and start working out with my team.

"I went to a couple of practices during the spring and Washington looks like they're going to be good this year. I mean, there are always things to improve on, but I think coach (Tyrone) Willingham and the rest of the coaches have brought in some really good players and they've got some real playmakers so it's going to be a fun year."

Leonard said he's set to enroll on July 6th for the Summer Bridge Program.

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