Woodward discusses home-and-home with LSU

It's a rarity for SEC schools to travel out west, but with a hole in both teams' schedule in 2009, the LSU Tigers and Washington Huskies will square off at Husky Stadium and then the Dawgs will head south to Baton Rouge in 2012 to return the favor. Acting Athletic Director Scott Woodward, who was an administrator at LSU spoke about the exciting development in the Washington football schedule.

"We were obviously looking to do a home-and-home because we had the opening in 2009 and when you get this late in the game for that, it's hard to find somebody who already had a set schedule," Woodward told Dawgman.com shortly after the announcement. "It just happened by chance that my good friend Verge Ausberry the Senior Associate Athletic Director had the same situation and we worked out what I think is a very attractive home-and-home series with LSU."

LSU beat Ohio State on January 7th in the All-State BCS National Championship game 38-24, behind a stout defense and an explosive offense.

Emmert noted that Washington head coach Tyrone Willngham was consulted and that he had input on adding LSU to the schedule and that Husky fans should have a good time hosting and being hosted by the Tiger faithful.

"It's a great atmosphere," Woodward said. "A lot of people probably remember going in (1983) and it's actually an even better experience now.

"I think from a competition standpoint they're obviously a top-notch program and it's a fun experience to watch and participate in. New Orleans is only 80 miles southeast down I-10 so our fans, if they want to make a weekend out of it, it's a nice place to visit. It's fun football in Baton Rouge."

In the only meeting between the two schools on the gridiron, a then-Tiger Stadium record crowd of 82,390 watched LSU surprise the ninth-ranked Huskies 40-14 on Sept. 24, 1983.

The Huskies are 2-5 all-time against teams from the SEC, but Washington has not played a game against a team from the SEC since defeating Florida 34-7 in the 1989 Freedom Bowl.

Woodward also added that for the foreseeable future, the Husky football program has filled all of the open spots remaining on their schedules.

Now the task at hand is adding some top programs to the basketball schedule as well.

"I know coach (Jim) Shaw and I met the day before yesterday and have had conversations and there's nothing new going on," Woodward admitted. "We're having conversations with a few schools, but there's nothing new to announce because it's too premature."

While Woodward has officially announced he is not a candidate for the open Washington Athletic Director position, he said there's always a chance he could be considered a candidate again.

"You never say never, but I think it's unlikely," Woodward said matter-of-factly. "I wouldn't say highly unlikely, but I'd say it's unlikely. In the businesses I've been involved with, which have been politics and government, you always expect the unexpected, but the bottom line is, I love working for Mark Emmert and obviously I love living in Seattle and working for the University of Washington.

"Wherever they think, I can be the most productive and add the most value to the university, I'll do it. If it's a good fit, and that was my philosophy and attitude going into this job and when I decided not to be the candidate for this job, then things could change, but as of now I still expect them to name someone within the timeframe they've discussed."

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