Carta-Samuels has Washington in top three

One signal-caller who has become a very popular prospect over the past few weeks is Bellarmine Prep (San Jose, Ca.) QB Austyn Carta-Samuels. He's had a flood of offers come in over the past week and one school that could be close to an offer, while also maintaining a spot among his favorites, is the University of Washington.

"I'm really interested in the Huskies," Carta-Samuels told over the weekend. "Coach (Tim) Lappano is the one recruiting me for Washington and he's the quarterback coach and the offensive coordinator, so that's cool because I get to know him over the long haul instead of being recruited by a different coach and then getting to meet him real briefly on a visit.

"He's really easy to talk to and I feel real comfortable with him. He's probably the one I feel the most comfortable with at this point actually."

As a junior for Bellarmine, Carta-Samuels completed 83 of 138 pass attempts for 1,171 yards and eight touchdowns in a run-first offense. He also managed to post 262 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground as well.

"We play out of the shotgun, but we run the ball a lot," Carta-Samuels said. "They don't call my number much to be a runner, but I can use my legs to keep things alive and to make plays when I need to, but that's sorta different than the way Washington uses Jake Locker.

"Actually, I'm really interested in Washington's offense because of what they ask of the quarterback. I'm a good athlete, so it's really about me getting used to the system and then I should be able to let the rest take care of itself."

Carta-Samuels said, besides Washington, that schools like Purdue, Nebraska and Colorado have all turned up the heat on his recruitment.

"I have offers from Air Force, UNLV, San Diego State and I think I'm going to be getting one from Utah here in a couple of days," Carta-Samuels said. "Of all the schools recruiting me though, Washington, Purdue and Colorado are my leaders.

"All three of them have told me they like me as a quarterback and what I bring to the table. They just want to get me out to their schools and show me around and if I make it out to see them I think I'll probably come away with an offer from each one.

"With all three of them, they play in big conferences against some of the top talent in the country and they have good programs and good offenses. That's why they are my top three."

Carta-Samuels knows that Washington rarely offers a quarterback without seeing him throw in person and he says that's not an issue.

"Coach Lappano has already seen me throw in person and I guess I passed the eyeball test," Carta-Samuels said modestly. "He basically told me he wanted to get me up to Seattle to show me around campus and what the school is like and to meet coach (Tyrone) Willingham."

Carta-Samuels says he would like to make his decision before his senior season starts after he takes a whirlwind trip to his three favorites.

"I'll come back after June and then I'll sit down with my parents and we'll talk about things," Carta-Samuels said. "It won't be a gut-reaction where I just commit because I have a fun time. It's going to be thought out and I will make sure I choose the school that fits me best.

"My parents are going with me to all three schools, so they can check things out and I really want to decide before my season starts because it can really start to wear on you a lot trying to keep up with the different coaches and schools. That's just something I don't need to be worrying about during the season."

We'll continue to follow Carta-Samuels' recruitment and update things in the coming weeks as news breaks.

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