Beach WR flying under the radar

Every year players fly under the radar, but it's pretty amazing when a talented and imposing 6-6, 195 pound wideout isn't getting a lot of attention. Rainier Beach (Seattle) WR Mike Reeve has only played football for three seasons and he's still recovering from a knee injury that limited him last season to four games. Now he's ready to show college coaches he's got what it takes to play the game.

As the Dawgman staff was observing the Barton Football Camp at the Dempsey Indoor Facility this past weekend, one player really caught our eye.

He was big, he had soft hands and he had excellent body control, able to bend down to snatch balls at his feet and to adjust to balls thrown behind him.

Who was this young man who we had never seen before?

Rainier Beach ATH Mike Reeve.

"I was at Liberty High School until I was a freshman and then I transferred to Rainier Beach as a sophomore," Reeve told recently. "There's a rule that you have to sit out one year, so I didn't get to play as a sophomore and then last year I got hurt after the fourth game so I haven't played a lot of football."

Reeve was a big-time basketball prospect as a youngster and he said he still has the love for the hardcourt, but there's just something about football that makes him want to try his hand at making a name for himself on the gridiron.

"I love basketball, but when I got out and played football, it was just so much fun that I wanted to keep playing," Reeve said. "I consider myself a football player first now, but I have so much to learn that's why I was out at the Barton camp and why I'm working really hard on getting to where I can be more productive."

Before hurting his left knee in game four, Reeve managed to post 5 receptions for 75 yards and two scores while playing tight end for the Vikings.

"I hurt my meniscus and I partially tore my ACL," Reeve said. "I met with the doctors and I got the surgery, so I'm just coming back from that now.

"It feels strong and the knee really feels good. I don't have any swelling and I'm just working hard."

On the recruiting front, Reeve, understandably, hasn't been getting much attention, but that's because no one knows about him. He's hoping to change that starting this weekend.

"I think I'm heading down to the NIKE Oregon camp this weekend and then they have a camp afterwards at the University of Oregon so I'll stay for that as well," Reeve said. "As far as other camps, I'm open to traveling to see any school and let the coaches see me and what I can do.

"I'd like to hit Washington's camp, Washington State's camp and maybe Boise State or Eastern Washington's camp. It's all kind of up in the air right now. I need to check out the dates of the camps to see which ones I can make."

With his big, soft hands, smooth running style and big body, Reeve is definitely a player to keep an eye on over the next few months.

If he develops over the coming months, a team who decides to offer him could end up getting quite a steal.

We'll continue to follow Reeve as he hits the camp circuit and update things as they change.

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