Deja Vu all over again for Darkins

Andy Darkins is a 6-2, 225-pound fullback/linebacker prospect from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and the Lakers are doing quite well of late due in large part to Darkins' play. He's averaging 13.5 tackles per game for L-O. Andy is taking a pragmatic approach to the recruiting process, but that hasn't stopped Pac-10 coaches from making sure he's shown the love.

"We're doing good," Andy told about his senior season. "We're 9-2 and in the second round of the playoffs. We play Pendleton again, at Pendleton." The Lakers already played at Pendleton earlier in the year, beating them 42-13.

Andy has scholarship offers from Oregon State, Washington, Stanford and Portland State. "All are recruiting me as an athlete, except for Oregon State," he said. "They are recruiting me as a linebacker."

Darkins recently took an unofficial visit to Stanford during the Arizona game. The Cardinal won, 16-6. "It was awesome," Andy said of his visit. "I loved it. Going to Coach (Buddy) Teevens' house for breakfast was awesome. I felt really comfortable there. It was like a good family atmosphere. All the players and coaches seemed like good guys, good people."

Washington is equal with Stanford right now, according to Darkins. "I really like Coach Neuheisel," he said. "He's a great guy. And they have a great program and it's also a state school, which is pretty appealing to me."

He just sent in his application to Stanford a week ago. "I should know in a week whether or not it was accepted," he said. "It's just another part of the process. I'm still going to check out my options, even if I get in. If I am accepted, that still doesn't mean that it's the best place for me."

While he's taking care of the paperwork involved with entrance applications, he's not as quick to set up official visits. He has his reasons. "I don't have any official visits set up," Andy said. "I'm going to wait until my season is done." If the Lakers go all the way to the State finals, that should be in about a month.

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