Reffett ready to roll

Jordan Reffett is already having a good day. The news he was hoping for came, and now he sees the path in front of him. We reached Reffett this morning for his reaction to the news that he'll be eligible to enroll this December after receiving a passing SAT score. Needless to say, he was a tad happy with the results.

"I passed my test and I'm ready to go," Jordan told "I just got off the phone with Coach (Brent) Myers and Coach (Randy) Hart and they are all fired up. They are excited."

So will Reffett play DE or DT? Sounds like that decision is one that's yet to be made. "He (Hart) just told me that I'll try defensive tackle and defensive end and wherever I fit in best that's where I'll play," he said. "I'm at 270 now. I've put on 15 pounds of muscle in three months. There's not that much to do over here. I go to work (construction) for 8 hours, then go lift weights and then go to bed."

Jordan needed a 1010 and got an 1100. "I've already been accepted, so I don't have to apply," he said when ask what he needs to do to get ready for football. "All I need to do is register for classes and register for a dorm.

Unfortunately for Reffett, his first experience as a Washington Husky may be hurling into a garbage can during mat drills, but he's talking like a man who is just grateful for the opportunity to play for the team he loves. "Hey, I'm excited at this point to be doing anything football," he said. "It's been way too long for me."

He's already getting the word out to his teammates - Jordan Reffett is heading to Montlake. "I just left a message for Will (Conwell) telling him that I'll be up there kicking his ass in a couple of months," he said.

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