Tell The Husky

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - John Buller, PR Coordinator for the Husky Stadium renovation project, has been a busy man this spring. He has followed the UW coaches around the state, drumming up support for his cause. To help further educate UW athletics supporters on the project and the reasons why it should be considered important, Buller has created a website.

The site,, is soliciting input from fans at every tour stop, as well as across the state. Their goal, as stated on the site, is to generate "an experience unparalleled in collegiate sports anywhere".

For those fans that have attended the tour stops, they were given a couple of handouts related to the stadium project. One was what they called a 'discussion draft', and it included the reasons for why Husky Stadium needs to be renovated as soon as possible. Part of TellTheHusky's intent is to make sure every supporter of the UW athletic department understands the basic talking points of the project and how they can use those talking points when conveying their support to their state government representatives.

Tell The Husky, Discussion Draft 1:

Tell The Husky, Discussion Draft 2:

Tell The Husky, Discussion Draft 3:

Tell The Husky, Discussion Draft 4:

The second set of documents outlined a list of things every UW supporter can do to be proactive in helping the school renovate Husky Stadium, as well as show just how the stadium - as well as other pieces of the UW athletics complex - are used for events outside of intercollegiate athletics.

Tell The Husky, Talking Points 1:

Tell The Husky, Talking Points 1: Top Stories