Oregon post-game Player Quotes

From left, Washington's Terry Johnson, Ben Mahdavi, Joseph Lobendahn, and Greg Carothers tackle Oregon's Ryan Shaw during the second quarter.

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  • CB Derrick Johnson:

    On his performance: "I think I was just in the right place at the right time. I was in the right coverage at the right time and I was able to make some plays and help our defense out. The one that I dropped, I thought I already had it so I just looked to see where I was going to go and it just slipped out."

    On the post-game celebration: "It was a great win for our program and we are just excited to get another win. It's Oregon -- you have to get up to play this game because they hate us and we hate them. You have to play your best against them or you are going to get beat, and we were able to play our best."

    On worrying about offending Oregon fans: "I don't really care -- they keep playing that interception play (Kenny Wheaton) all the time, so this kind of gets them back. They are going to be motivated next year and we have to come out and defend our home stadium."

    On defensive turnaround: "They were running all their trick plays and formations, it was just a matter of time before we could see what their game plan was. Once we settled down, we were able to make plays."

    On the early deficit: "We've been down a lot during the season, so we know how to play and handle the pressure when we were down 14-0. We just stayed calm and it is a long game and you never know what is going to happen."

    "The win gives us great confidence. The last two weeks we've played really well and we're excited to go out there. We want to get out there, we want to make plays and we want to get our offense the ball back."

    WR/FS Wilbur Hooks:

    On playing free safety: "At Wednesday's practice, Coach Neuheisel came up to me and told me that James Sims went down. He smiled at me and told me that they were going to need me to play some free safety this week. I told him I would do whatever helped the team and I would try my best. I practiced that day and learned some stuff. The next morning I met with Coach Hauck for about four hours to learn the defense and the nickel, so today, here I am. I played in the nickel package the whole game."

    On learning defense: "It is tough and it's very complex. I still don't know it all. I learned the calls for this game, looked at tape, and just tried to start learning there. It is a lot different playing the game when you are on your heels and backing up. But, it was fun. I don't know how it is going to work next week. I can still play defense and back up Reggie (Williams) at the same time."

    On Oregon's first touchdown: "It was an empty (backfield) set. I was supposed to cover Keenan Howry man to man and he ran a slant. I think the outside receiver Samie Parker ran another slant. I was actually right on the play. I did my job."

    "It means a lot to win here. This is the first time I've been able to play here. Two years ago I was hurt after the Colorado game, so I had to watch the guys on television. I was here my true freshman year in 1997 and realized how loud it was here. So, it means a lot to come in here my senior year and get a win."

    LB Ben Mahdavi:

    On the deficit: "We just had to forget what happened and move on, and we did that pretty well."

    On the crowd noise: "It excited me. That got me excited."

    On performance of defense: "I wish the defense was on the field a little longer so I could have played a little bit more. After the first two drives, we weren't on the field that much. The time of possession was 40 minutes to 20 minutes. Our offense was on the field a lot. The defense was able to force three and out a lot. We knew they were going to come in with a lot of formations, but the trick plays definitely got us. But then we settled down and were able to adjust to what they were doing."

    But, it feels good to have our offense dominate like that, and the defense did pretty much the same thing."

    On the QB change: "Coach told us there was another guy coming out, that it wasn't Fife. So we just tried to do what you do to a new quarterback -- rattle him. I'd say we did a pretty good job."

    On being a gratifying win: "Definitely! This northwest thing is a pretty big deal. To come in here with 25 winning seasons on the line and to pull it out in pretty good fashion is really exciting."

    Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson:

    On running game: "When Rich is healthy, we think he's a good runner. He has been nicked up all year. This is as healthy as Braxton Cleman has been all season, since spring football. He keeps getting better each week. Chris Singleton got banged up during the week, but our other two guys played really well."

    "Since the Arizona State game, we've gotten a little better running the ball each week. When the games are not out of hand, we have run the ball very effectively. That Oregon State defense was a tough, tough defense to run against, and we knocked open some holes there, so we are getting better."

    "We worked hard to run the ball and it paid off today. We knew it was going to be wet and that we were going to have to run the ball and hold onto it. I am very pleased with how our guys blocked and ran today."

    On running the option: "It never goes completely away -- it is always in there somewhere (laughs). We saw some looks that we thought we could run the option against. We ran just one style of the option today, and it kept happening for us. It has always been a good short-down play for us, and it was again today."

    On passing game: "We are going to throw to Reggie all the time … and Paul and Charles and Kevin. We are just going to throw it. It was that kind of day for us. We were able to go out and throw the ball around. Cody felt really good about his week of practice, he looked sharp, so we were going to turn him loose."

    On the deficit: "I just kept thinking about how many games we've been behind and have come back and won. I just figured we would find a way to get something going. Our defense really settled down. Cody hit Pat Reddick on a super play that led to our first score. The middle was open because they over-played our two great receivers lined up wide. What a great play."

    "We've won two games in a row, but the one that makes you sad is the UCLA game. We felt like we dominated and should have won that one. But we've had two real good wins and next week we play the number one team in the league."

    Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley:

    "There were five minutes gone in the game and they had an 80-yard and a 98-yard drive, so that was tough. We made some adjustments in the option game, adjustments in some of the trips that they did and we tried to tackle better, and the guys did that."

    "I think we did a nice job covering them. We had some adjustments to different looks and our guys did a nice job lining up with them. Our rush was pretty good, although we lost containment a couple of times. We had good pressure on the quarterback. Randy (Hart) did a nice job getting his guys ready. Our young secondary keeps getting better and our linebackers are much improved at dropping in coverage. This week Owen Biddle had to step it up and we used Wilbur Hooks in the nickel situation. Now, we need to play even better to take on a very good Washington State team."

    WR Paul Arnold: "We got it down, but we never really worried. We've been down before and we came back, so It's just routine."

    On the post game celebration: "It was a big win. I've been waiting for this game for two years. They got us last time we were down here, so it's a big win. A big part of our season."

    When asked who said they should go back out to thank their fans: "That was planned from the beginning. We were gonna come out here and get a win, and we were gonna celebrate. We wanted to go out after our big win and just hang around a little longer."

    On people at Oregon feeling disrespected by the celebration: "The way that their fans are and some of the things that they do are kind of the same, so they can't get too upset. Just hope for a win next year and try to do the same thing."

    On Reggie: "He went out there and had a great day once again. Made some big plays when he needed to and it just shows why he's one of the best receivers in the country"

    On trash talking: "In the end, the only thing that matters is the scoreboard and we knew that all along."

    On being down by 14 in the first quarter: "We weren't too worried about it. They came out and did some things so we came out and adjusted. We scored some points and the defense did a great job. We've been down before so we just went out there and stayed positive and just played."

    RB Rich Alexis: "I think the whole line gave us a great push today and opened up holes and I just had to run into them. Personally I think I've been running the same way the whole season. I just had a lot of holes to hit today. I'm a lot healthier right now. I've been banged up all year, dealing with two ankle problems. It's the point in the season when you just gotta suck it up and play."

    On playing with special teams: "It's something new. Coach wants to get us out here and get some speed out there and make things happen."

    "We came out and let it rip. Coach was calling plays and we weren't trying to match their scheme's or anything. We just went out there and ran our plays and were successful at it."

    "We tried to mix it up a bit and see what works. The option was working well, the delay, zone plays, draws, everything pretty much worked well today."

    On being down by 14 in the first quarter: "There aint no panic on our team. We're used to this. It was like that my freshman year when we had marques here. It doesn't matter how many points we're down we believe in ourselves and we came back."

    "It felt like Marques was back here today. I told Cody that when he kept the ball a little longer and gave me a pitch he had to kind of attack the defender and he did."

    WR Reggie Williams: "We tried to take advantage of the smaller DB's on their team"

    "Their stadium is pretty nice. It gets pretty loud out there."

    "We're used to coming from behind in the first couple plays."

    "It's better enjoying these records after a win. After a loss they wouldn't be as special"

    "People always say we can't win on the road and this is one of the places to play and we beat them here so what can you say?"

    "I'm looking forward to the apple cup, my first time playing over there"

    "Our fans are real loyal. They traveled all the way down here to watch us play and we had to just give them something for their money."

    "The celebration was really great. It was just something dedicated to our fans who came out and all the people who said we couldn't win on the road."

    "It's definitely a very special thing to win in Autzen."

    QB Cody Pickett: "You never know when you're gonna have a good day. Other teams have tendencies, and you can't figure you can have the same success as the other teams."

    "We asked them where their fans were going."

    "It's definitely a fun environment when you come in and the other team is talking to you and the crowd is talking to you and you come out of it with a win."

    "We're gonna be fired up to play a big time team like WSU and we're gonna play hard"

    "It's a great feeling to come out and execute the way we want to on offense and on defense and play well early. Fife was pumping up the crowd and doin his little cheerleader thing and I just said ‘It's time to go'"

    "My line played great today, gave me a lot of time."

    "If you take a look at our game films, a lot of our mistakes are self inflicted. From me throwing interceptions and fumbles, and not doin what we're supposed to do."

    "It was loud, but we've been in hostile environments like Miami. We came out and had to weather the atmosphere and we pulled it out."

    "We focus all of our attention on who we're playing, and next week it will be WSU to the fullest."

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